174 Social responsibility 6 Nature and people As a company we are proud to live up to our responsi bility to society This has been part of who we are since the very beginning and is enshrined in our corporate mission statement see p 18 It starts with our aim to be a good employer to the peo ple who work for us We want them to come to work with light hearts and feel comfortable in jobs they enjoy knowing that they are in good hands here And of course we engage with the world outside our door as well Sometimes we contribute our muscle power like when we head out to the moor with our apprentices to active ly do something for the environment see p 125 Some times we invest time and money and lead by example like in the development of more eco friendly packag ing We hope to provide positive inspiration for others But we also support a large number of projects and in itiatives the old fashioned way by donating money or products In terms of the financial assistance we pro vide the largest line items are the Lebensbaum Foun dation and our moorland patronage see p 125 In ad dition we support a small but outstanding music fes tival the Appletree Garden Festival as well as a fun run for schoolchildren Our products not only make a dif ference at a big vegan festival in Austria but also at the local food bank Sometimes it s both money and prod ucts like for the Bio Brotbox organic lunchbox initi ative At least once a year we also allow an organisation to run a free ad in our customer magazine bringing it to the attention of our readership of 100 000 people Re gardless of the paths we choose it is our aim to make a positive contribution to society within the means avail able to us And it s important to us especially when it comes to money to act as our customers would want us to Because at the end of the day they are the ones who make our good corporate citizenship possible in the first place Appletree Garden Festival Environmental festival GreenTech Awards Vegan Society of Austria Food Film Festival Cultural outing Cradle to Cradle e V IFOAM B A U M Global Youth Climate Network Organic lunchbox SÖL Future Farmers Local sports clubs Local fire brigade and youth fire brigade Local historical society Renaturation of Diepholz moor Arved Fuchs Ocean Change Doctors Without Borders Maritime Search and Rescue Association Animal protection league Terre des Hommes Reporters Without Borders Greenpeace Wir haben es satt Genetic Engineering Information Service Bantam Mais Lebensbaum Foundation NABU Foundations for the Future agricultural programme Michael Succow Foundation and more

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