175 The Lebensbaum Foundation is independent yet somehow still part of the family How can that be The Lebensbaum Founda tion was founded in 2007 by the Walter family which holds a 74 9 percent share of the corporate group through AUWA Hold ing The motivating force behind it was simple In the 28 years that the company had been in business up to then a certain number of projects had come together that Lebensbaum sup ported financially This included a project for disabled people in India And a school on a coffee plantation in Mexico founded 20 years ago which since has grown into a small campus that includes a nursery school and play area and provides break fasts At the beginning only 25 children attended the school today they number 100 In 2018 the Lebensbaum Foundation also purchased a minibus to transport the children to second ary school as well as offer a transport service for families living on the plantation so they could run important er rands In addition a sports field with an adjoining play ground was built In establishing the Foundation it was the Walter family s intention to provide long term support for these and other projects regardless of the corpo rate group s economic success or lack thereof The companies in the group continue to support these projects today largely through donations to the Lebensbaum Foundation If for whatever reason a donation is not possible the Lebensbaum Foun dation can still ensure that the teacher in Mexico is paid and the children can continue to go to school People The Lebensbaum Foundation In other words it was a completely pragmatic decision And thus the Foundation is still somehow part of us Even if Lebens baum is not the only one who donates to it Anyone can make a donation to the Lebensbaum Foundation It s actually quite easy to do so online where you can also create a donation vouch er to give as a gift The person who receives it can decide for themselves whether the money goes to one of our longstand ing projects or to a new one when they redeem www lebensbaum stiftung de

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