171 Systematic environmental training 6 2 People Description Introduce mandatory integrated annual environmental and sustain ability training also covering waste and energy topics for all employees and issue a personal environmental guide to all employees Target date 31 12 2015 Location Diepholz Gronau Assessment Implemented High apprenticeship rate 6 2 People Description Apprenticeship rate of at least 10 Assessment 2015 9 7 2014 10 8 2013 12 5 Continued as the Above average apprenticeship rate strategic objective in the Employee area of activity Target date Annual Location Diepholz Raw coffee large containers 6 1 Nature Description Complete changeover of loads to large containers with main supplier for raw coffee Peru Target date 31 12 2017 Location Gronau Assessment Objective achieved 2nd area of activity Sustainability quality across the supply chain 3rd area of activity Employee social issues 4th area of activity Environment Staff appraisals 6 2 People Description Enhance staff appraisals to facilitate systematic personnel develop ment for all departments Target date 31 12 2017 Location Diepholz Assessment Revised and broadened process for staff appraisals introduced Energy consumption 6 1 Nature Description Keep production related energy consumption at least constant in relation to sales kg in spite of additional investments in upgraded packaging systems Target date 31 12 2018 Location Gronau Assessment Objective achieved in 2015

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 177
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