172 Photovoltaics 6 1 Nature Description Install photovoltaic modules capable of producing at least 100kW on the roof of the extension to the raw materials warehouse Target date 31 12 2015 Location Diepholz Assessment Achieved Photovoltaic system in operation since late December 2015 8 Objectives Carbon footprint assessment 6 1 Nature Description Revise and broaden the corporate carbon footprint assessment process resulting in comprehensive GHG compliant annual carbon footprint assessment incorporating Scope 3 Target date 31 12 2016 Location Diepholz Gronau Assessment Objective achieved Reduced CO2 emissions 6 1 Nature Description Reduce production related CO2 emissions in relation to sales by 1 compared with 2014 by introducing a specific energy management system Target date 31 12 2018 Location Diepholz Assessment Energy management introduced Savings achieved in 2015 Product carbon footprint 4 2 Customers 6 1 Nature Description Generate carbon footprints for 20 flagship products Target date 31 12 2015 Location Diepholz Assessment Objective achieved Compostable stretch film 6 1 Nature Description Changeover from stretch film for wrapping pallets to compostable film without GMOs Target date None Location Diepholz Assessment Changeover stopped due to possible GMO components Currently on hold Tamper evident seal 5 1 Quality 6 1 Nature Description Move away completely from tamper evident seals made of shrink film sleeves for sealing spice mills and tins by using enhanced sealing concepts Target date 31 12 2016 Location Diepholz Assessment Implemented for metal tins Halted for spice mills for quality reasons

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 178
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