We have been producing organically grown tea coffee and spices since 1979 We firmly believe that this challenging form of cultivation is the first step in making high quality natural food But there is even more at stake With every organic product sold the number of organically cultivated fields grows as well This means we are helping to ad vance a form of agriculture that both protects nature and results in food and beverages of exceptional quality Our customers appreciate this double benefit and have placed their trust in our efforts making us a leading German organic brand In our early pioneering days we learned that confidence and above all a desire to innovate are necessary to accomplish what you set out to do The same force that propelled the small Lebensbaum organic shop into a medium sized company with more than 200 employees is what continues to drive us now Today we aspire to be trailblazers for sustainable business practices No matter how in novative the idea it will only bear fruit if we test and implement it in collaboration with our suppliers employees service providers and customers Together we are forging an entire value chain in line with the principles of sustainability Such business practi ces create lasting value and benefit everyone involved And we dare say that this is the future of business

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