14 Dear Reader Sustainability reports are usually written with specialists in mind We are breaking with this convention by addressing the wider public We firmly believe that the topic of sustainability is relevant to everyone and should therefore be accessible to everyone The onus is therefore on us to write simply and intelligibly Specialist knowledge is not required and specialist lingo is explained Prior to planning this report we surveyed various stakeholders see page 34 We wanted to know what they expect of us in terms of sustainability and have also quoted quite a number of them directly in this report What s more we have not structured this Sustainability Report along conventional ecological economic and social lines Instead we have followed our company s inherent logic by presenting the areas of sustainability mentioned in an inte grated manner rather than separately For example our chapters are called Tools Quality has roots or Nature and people and the entire report is filled with accounts of events and practices from our daily routine pur chasing at source staff parties producing organic products The attentive reader will notice that we report on details more than once We do this because our core business is organised to be as sustainable as possible and so detailed questions are of increasing relevance to us 1 Prologue What to expect

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