178 7 Did you know From A to Z Amphibian ponds Small bodies of water that are important habi tats for a variety of species We supported the creation of two such biotopes to enhance Biodiversity in our area providing new habitats and refuge for plants and endangered animals such as the moor frog and the tree frog Frog Appletree Garden Festival A local music festival that we have actively supported since it was first put on back in 2000 The festival takes place every year and is run by volunteers Apprenticeship programme Our answer to the shortage of skilled staff in rural areas We are invested in the regions where we work and our higher than aver age apprenticeship quota produces qual ified junior employees See p 157 Apprenticeship quota Share of apprentices in our total workforce In Diepholz the quota of apprentices was 8 6 per cent in 2016 7 8 percent in 2017 and 7 6 percent in 2018 which is considerably higher than the average for small and medium sized compa nies in Germany Apprenticeship programme Apprenticeships Lebensbaum offers four kinds of voca tional apprenticeships Industrial clerk Food technology specialist Warehouse logistics specialist Machinery and equipment operator Art There is art everywhere you look in our com pany s buildings Selected paintings impres sive statues and the organic architecture of the buildings themselves create a stimulat ing setting for our daily work See p 32 Associations Organisations for the purpose of shar ing experience exchanging ideas form ing opinions and representing interests For Lebensbaum a good way to advocate for sustainable business practices in politi cal and social circles See pp 33 and 47 Awards Receiving prizes like the German Fed eral Government s CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award and the German Sustainability Award shows us that we are on the right track See p 27 ff Bicycle purchasing scheme A way for employees to purchase a new bicy cle at a significantly reduced cost Lebens baum pays the leasing rate on the bicycle and withholds a small portion of the employee s wages As a result of favourable taxation the bicycle costs much less than if it were directly purchased The Lebensbaum bicy cle purchasing scheme promotes the health of both the environment and our employees Biodiversity Designates diverse plant and animal species as well as diverse ecosystems Lebensbaum strives to enhance biodiversity by creating near Natu ral habitats at our business locations to provide refuge for as many species as possible We also support projects such as the VisionsWald VisionForest and have assumed a Moorland patronage to do our part towards preserving biodiversity In addition our Suppliers cultivate according to the principles of Organic agricul ture which specifically promotes biodiversity BioFach The world s leading trade fair for organic con sumer goods and raw materials and the most important meeting place for the organic sector Lebensbaum has participated every year since the very beginning in 1990 The BioFach trade fair was preceded by the FKK also known as the Müsli Messe Muesli trade fair LEGEND 2 Our company 3 Tools of our trade 4 1 Products 4 2 Customers 5 1 High quality work 5 2 Purchasing 6 1 Nature 6 2 People Due to the different sizes of our business locations and their unique histories not all entries apply to both equally

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