175 Our strategic focus in our supply chain we rely on partners who preserve nature through sustainable ecological farming Beyond taking an organic approach this also involves biodiversity and soil fertility as well as the careful use of natural water resources Besides high environmental and quality standards we also endeavour to effect an improvement in the living and working conditions of local people by agreeing on binding labour and social standards with our farming partners We always aim for long term partnerships in which we pay fair prices and our partners pay fair wages not least because this offers our customers a high degree of traceability which we wish to continuously improve in this way Coffee purchasing 5 2 Purchasing Description Changeover of the small remainder of raw coffee which established customers have roasted at our roasting house for their own brand names and which is still conventionally obtained due to the roasting house s long standing business relationships before it became part of our corporate group to 100 organically sourced raw coffee Target date 31 12 2018 Location Gronau Assessment Organic proportion of all raw materials purchased in 2015 98 Our strategic focus Lebensbaum is synonymous with the finest organic quality and product transparency In line with our purity principle we focus on purely natural ingredients with no flavourings or other additives for natural safe products produced in harmony with nature and people In the case of both raw materials and packaging the use of genetic engineering is a no go We measure our success by the high level of customer satisfaction 1ST AREA OF ACTIVITY PRODUCT QUALITY CUSTOMER FOCUS 2ND AREA OF ACTIVITY SUSTAINABILITY QUALITY ACROSS THE SUPPLY CHAIN Lebensbaum Partner System 3 Tools 5 2 Purchasing Description Further develop testing criteria and systems in the Lebensbaum Partner System in order to further improve the monitoring and transparency of environmental and social standards particularly in high risk countries Target date 31 12 2018 Location Diepholz Gronau Assessment The roasting house where we have been roasting our organic coffee since the start of the eighties came up for sale in 2011 It made sense for both sides to take over the roasting house not only because we were the largest customer but also Progress towards the objective because the cooperation had become ever closer in more than 25 years of partnership But of course with this long standing roasting house having been in business since 1933 we were not its only customer Some established customers do not yet exclusively obtain organic coffee from the roasting house especially when it comes to specialities As committed organic producers we naturally want to change this even though the proportion of conven tional coffee only amounted to 4 5 at the end of 2015 This equates to 1 8 of the corporate group s total raw material volume Naturally when it comes to the Diepholz site and all Lebens baum brand products everything still has to be 100 organic

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