179 Brand chart Serves as a guide for employees Gives a concise overview of our brand explaining what makes Lebensbaum unique and what we stand for Car park lighting Solar powered illumination ensures that our extra car park off of our company premises is well lit so that our employees can eas ily find their cars even after a late shift Carbon neutral Processes are carbon neutral and climate neutral when they do not disturb the deli cate climate balance We strive to make all the links in our value chain as climate friendly as possible And we have achieved this objec tive with some of them Carbon neutral production and Carbon neutral printing Carbon neutral printing The process used to create Lebensbaum s printed materials such as our customer magazine Der Lebensbaum The amount of greenhouse gas emissions this generates are exactly calcu lated and offset by the purchase of certificates which renders our printing Carbon neutral Carbon neutral production Applies to the production and packaging of all Lebensbaum products Our equipment runs on Green electricity and in Diepholz Geothermal energy is used to regulate the temperature We offset 100 of the green house gas emissions generated by our con sumption of green electricity and Natural gas in Gronau as well as those generated by our contract fillers and contract processers Cargo bike A vehicle that lets us traverse short dis tances like the 400 metres to our logistics centre without having to start an engine Celebrations These are social events Lebensbaum holds at least two every year our sum mer barbecue Pättkestour bike tour and our Christmas party See p 156 Chemical free cleaning The cleaning of our windows facades and production areas as well as basic cleaning of sanitary facilities are all performed without the use of harsh chemical agents Chemical cleaning products can irritate the skin and res piratory system and they are problematic in waste water Together with LR Gebäudereini gung GmbH a cleaning company we sought a way to avoid using harmful chemicals to clean our buildings A pilot project was launched at our business in 2008 Since then chemi cal free cleaning has continuously developed Code of conduct A central aspect of our mission For instance all suppliers must offer their employees train ing and professional development oppor tunities and they must continually strive to avoid negative environmental impacts At the beginning of our partnership all suppliers sign a written commitment to uphold our code of conduct Lebensbaum Partner System Company agreements Contractual agreements between the employer and the Works council The company agree ments that have been concluded so far lay out rules regarding workplace behaviour and conflict resolution as well as the prevention of discrim ination They also codify the employees legal freedom to organise themselves collectively and have representation Company agree ments apply to 100 percent of the employees Concerts and festivals We even used to have them in our ware houses before that was prohibited by law We support various events in the region including the Appletree Garden Festival Corruption There s no chance of it ever taking root at Leb ensbaum In 2017 an Office for Compliance Man agement was created in order to firmly entrench this important issue within the organisation All businesses within the Pure Taste Group are systematically monitored and scrutinised by the management with regard to their risk of corruption Corruption completely contradicts our corporate principles and is not tolerated in any way Our employment contracts labour standards and one of our company agreements regulate how conflicts of interest are dealt with including corruption prevention Our suppliers must confirm that they do not tolerate corruption by signing our code of conduct See p 208 ff CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award An award conferred by the German Federal Government for companies that operate in an economically ecologically and socially respon sible manner Lebensbaum received the award in 2014 in the 50 to 499 Employees category Culture We consider this to be one of the four pil lars of sustainability along with ecolog ical economic and social aspects See p 30 ff Customer magazine Der Lebensbaum Data protection We take this very seriously and take extreme care to keep our customers and employees data con fidential As our data protection officer can tes tify we have had no known breaches of data pro tection rules data losses or related complaints Daylight dependent lighting Saves energy in our logistics centre by regu lating the use of artificial light in accordance with the whims of our northern German sun If enough sun comes through our many sky lights the lights simply stay switched off

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