180 7 Did you know From A to Z Der Lebensbaum Perhaps our most important means of commu nication produced to inform and entertain our customers Our customer magazine appears four times a year with a circulation of 100 000 copies It can be taken free of charge at many organic shops and subscriptions are also free See p 79 Desert Club Official name The International Associa tion for Partnership in Ecology and Trade a think tank for organic pioneers See p 31 Diversity An indispensable asset that we credit for much of our business success See p 164 Also a widely used sustainability term E charging station The charging station for electric vehicles at our Diepholz location is freely avail able for public use on weekdays from 6 a m until at least 9 p m See p 130 f Emissions free Carbon neutral Employee identification We enhance this through various targeted measures and by offering more than just a job Starting out with interdepartmental training sessions for our apprentices to provide in depth knowledge about our products corporate val ues and issues that are central to Lebensbaum s mission An Employee magazine gives topical information about events connected to our com pany Lebensbaum employees can purchase Lebensbaum products at a discount And at the end of successful business years we voluntar ily share this success with our employees in the form of vacation Christmas or other bonuses Employee magazine Titled Wir Für Uns and written by our appren tices to inform all employees about important dates tell interesting and funny stories and show photos from our Christmas party See p 159 Employee manual Contains all the practical information that new employees need to know Where do I find the HR office How do I get the employee dis count when I shop What time is lunch served at the Organic bistro All this and more It s a useful reference work for long time employees too Energy Used by us as sparingly as possible Day light dependent lighting and Motion sensors help save energy We stopped using fossil fuels long ago Since 2002 we have been using Green electricity and in 2009 we installed one of the most efficient Geothermal energy systems in the state of Lower Saxony All of our production is Carbon neutral In 2015 we installed a pho tovoltaic system on our roof See p 128 f Energy efficient computing Keeps our energy consumption to a minimum in all of our offices We use energy efficient devices that can still be used once we no longer need them by our employees at home If there are no takers discarded devices are disassem bled into their individual parts and recycled Equal treatment The basis for working together at our company See p 164 Family friendly workplace This is important to us Our employees may take special leave for special occasions such as weddings We also negotiate flexible work ing hours and tailored solutions with individ ual employees as needed All of our employ ees working in administration have flexible working hours See pp 162 and 166 Ferdi The curious dragon who explores the world with our young customers Every issue of our customer magazine Der Lebensbaum includes at least one page of Ferdi s ideas for craft projects recipes and games LEGEND 2 Our company 3 Tools of our trade 4 1 Products 4 2 Customers 5 1 High quality work 5 2 Purchasing 6 1 Nature 6 2 People Due to the different sizes of our business locations and their unique histories not all entries apply to both equally

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