176 Leave days 6 2 People Description Introduce an additional leave day for employees in Gronau for alignment with the Diepholz site Target date 31 12 2016 Location Gronau Assessment It was decided at the end of 2015 that Christmas Eve and New Year s Eve would be made non working days without deducting leave days 8 Objectives Our strategic focus demographic change is a phrase often used to describe the funda mental strategic challenge we face in our rural locations Our strategic response is to further improve our appeal as an employer boost employee satisfaction find creative work life balance solutions and through an above average apprenticeship rate and by fostering further education upskill and develop our employees ourselves and last but not least build their awareness of sustainability issues We see maintaining high occupational health and safety standards providing comparable employment condi tions to employees at both sites and respecting diversity rather than discriminating as a foundation that must be continuously established 3RD AREA OF ACTIVITY EMPLOYEE SOCIAL ISSUES Suggestion scheme 6 2 People Description Check whether the introduction of a company suggestion scheme as part of a continuous improvement process in addition to the already existing methods might be expedient Assessment Proposals and suggestions can be submitted via the works council anonymously if desired Otherwise via the relevant supervisor There is a company wide open ear policy at all levels Target date 31 12 2018 Location Diepholz Optimise digitalisation 6 2 People Description Changeover of all communications previously submitted on paper to the HR department such as leave requests to a digital procedure Target date 31 12 2016 Location Diepholz Assessment Being implemented introduction brought forward to 2016

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 182
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