181 Field sales team Sales staff who make on site visits to organic shops to answer their proprietors ques tions about our products See p 75 FKK Also known as the Frankfurter Körner Kongress Frankfurt Grain Fair the official precursor of the BioFach trade fair The first Müsli Messe Muesli trade fair took place from 17 to 19 June 1983 with 55 participating exhibitors and 2 000 visitors Lebensbaum was there too of course Flavourings There are artificial flavourings Nature iden tical flavourings and Natural flavourings And we don t want any of them The only exception is pure essential oils such as bergamot oil an ingredient of our Earl Grey tea Purity principle Food banks They exist in our rural area too We supply products to our regional food banks and occa sionally to food banks beyond our region Food technology specialist One of the Apprenticeships we offer Frog A kind of amphibian that lives in our pond and in the Amphibian ponds we helped create You can see and especially hear that they seem to like it there Full Container Loads FCL How we purchase raw materials We only receive full containers which prevents contamination Full declaration Complete list of all ingredients that a prod uct contains in excess of legal require ments directly on the packaging We ve been doing this to provide our customers with the greatest transparency as a matter of course and from the start See p 67 Genetic engineering Technologies used to modify DNA Green genetic engineering designates the genetic modification of plants We completely reject genetic engineering in any form This extends to the materials we use in our packaging See p 141 Geothermal energy The renewable energy source we have used since 2009 to regulate the temperature in our production buildings Lebensbaum s geother mal energy system which utilises the prevail ing temperatures from 100 metres below the ground to heat our production areas in winter and cool them in summer is one of the most effi cient in the state of Lower Saxony And because our production is powered by Green electric ity it is completely free of CO 2 emissions German Sustainability Award Presented since 2008 by the German Council for Sustainable Development in cooperation with the German Federal Government local organisations business associations civil society organisations and research institutions It is the largest award of its kind in Europe In 2015 Lebensbaum received the award for Germany s most sustainable com pany in the Medium sized companies category Glass jar menagerie Otherwise known as our archive of reten tion samples where samples from each batch of raw materials we receive are stored in big glass jars See p 97 Green electricity Our energy source of choice In 2002 we approached our local municipal utility with our desire to purchase electricity from renewable sources This led to a successful pilot project Together with the Geothermal energy sys tem we installed in 2009 it makes our pro duction Carbon neutral In 2015 we added our own Photovoltaic system to the mix Green IT Energy efficient computing Green roof It doesn t just look beautiful By allow ing wild plants to grow on our roofs we have not only gained extra insulation we have found yet another way to cre ate habitats for plants and animals GreenTech Awards The name has been changed to Green Awards A glamorous awards ceremony that offers a well earned platform for innovations that save resources and protect the environment The prize is awarded in 20 categories including Production Energy and Recycling hon ouring visionary ideas and companies that demonstrate how sustainability and techno logical progress needn t conflict The usual red carpet is replaced by an organic strip of Natural turf Germany s green carpet is a celeb rity meeting point for prominent politicians business leaders researchers and journalists We were there for the tenth time at the 2019 GreenTech Awards serving up double espres sos to the celebrants at our Lebensbaum Bar Hand assembly Products such as our Globe Trotter box of assorted teabags and our Advent calendar need to be assembled by hand because our machines can t fill more than one kind of tea bag into boxes This job is performed by our hand assembly team at the Bersenbrücker Gemeinnützigen Werkstätten See p 172 f Hand filling A manual method of filling our products into the appropriate packaging This is needed for products such as bay leaves our Mountain Tea and cinnamon sticks Our hand filling team at the Diakoniewerkstät ten Neubrandenburg has performed this delicate task since 2011 See p 172 f Healthy soil What we consider our most precious asset Organic agriculture keeps the soil healthy and full of life enabling the sustainable production of high quality food See pp 118 f 136 f and 138 f

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