177 Fewer labels 6 1 Nature Description Save on 550 000 labels for cardboard box labelling compared with the 2015 annual volume by converting other packaging lines Target date 31 12 2016 Location Diepholz Assessment Our strategic focus minimising resource consumption and using eco friendly materials are the fundamental strategic environmental goals at our sites We also want to further minimise our level of waste through this It is no less important to us to continue to im prove our energy efficiency and cover our remaining energy needs through renewable and ideally self generated energy where at all possible Bearing in mind that we offset green house gas emissions generated during production and directly from our business activities we are working on gradually enhancing our entire value chain in a move towards carbon climate neutrality Not least because an environmentally friendly range and product config uration gives us considerable leverage which we wish to consistently put to better use 4TH AREA OF ACTIVITY ENVIRONMENT Boxed tea 6 1 Nature Description Check whether it is possible to reduce the amount of packaging with boxed tea e g by reducing the grammage of the material used Target date 31 12 2018 Location Diepholz Assessment Not yet started Shaker 6 1 Nature Description Develop a compostable spice herb shaker Target date 31 12 2017 Location Diepholz Assessment Initial testing underway Target date postponed to late 2017 Inner bag 6 1 Nature Description Changeover of the inner bag of the Tee Meisterwerke Tea Master pieces to carbon neutral film made of renewable raw materials NatureFlex Target date 31 12 2018 Location Diepholz Assessment Postponed to 2018

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