182 7 Did you know From A to Z Lebensbaum Foundation This nonprofit organisation was founded in 2007 by the Walter family with the inten tion to support projects and individuals active in training and education youth out reach culture and environmental protection both in Germany and abroad See p 175 Lebensbaum Partner System All Lebensbaum suppliers and service provid ers are members of this system See p 44 f Lebensbaum stands for Slowly but surely this is replacing the famil iar Lebensbaum Quality Guarantee On our packages brochures website and many other places we show what we stand for at Lebens baum 100 organic quality sustainability social responsibility fair practices direct sourc ing stringent quality control climate neu tral production Natural taste See p 66 Low energy building A construction concept that we applied when we designed our new com pany building in 2001 See p 49 Machinery and equipment operator One of the Apprenticeships we offer Machines Our energy efficient machines are designed to help us make and fill products of the fin est organic quality and last as long as pos sible Whether it be staff or machines we don t have a lot of turnover Meadow orchard What we ve transformed the big meadow behind our production site into Young and old trees of varying heights that bear different kinds of fruit grow there now providing ref uge and nourishment to bumblebees honey bees butterflies chiffchaffs hares and some times even deer This enhances Biodiversity on our company s premises in Diepholz History The history of Lebensbaum From our begin nings as an organic shop founded in 1979 to where we are today it s been a wild ride and it s far from over See p 24 ff House Tea A tea blend composed by Ulrich Walter based on his grandmother Wilhelmine s own rec ipe Over 30 years ago this was the first organic herbal tea blend made in Germany ILO Abbreviation for the International Labour Organ ization All Lebensbaum suppliers comply with the internationally recognized labour standards of the ILO in addition to their national labour laws Core ILO standards include zero toler ance of child labour and involuntary labour IMS Integrated management system An impor tant tool for coordinating all processes at and connected to Lebensbaum See p 39 ff Industrial clerk One of the Apprenticeships we offer Innovation Incorporating new ideas to liven up our product portfolio See p 61 Insulation Prevents our company s building in Diepholz from getting too hot in summer and keeps the heat in during the winter Avant garde back in the day and now the standard When we designed our building in 2001 the insulation was so far ahead of the times that it still fulfils modern building codes And during construc tion projects in 2007 and 2009 we added more insulation than was then required See p 49 Labour law Company agreements LEGEND 2 Our company 3 Tools of our trade 4 1 Products 4 2 Customers 5 1 High quality work 5 2 Purchasing 6 1 Nature 6 2 People Due to the different sizes of our business locations and their unique histories not all entries apply to both equally

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