179 Corporate processes 3 Tools Description Check if existing processes need to be changed or enhanced in view of sustainability and environmental management requirements Target date 31 12 2016 Location Diepholz Gronau Assessment Gronau site Objective achieved Diepholz site 45 Our strategic focus complying with the law and regulations as well as values and standards is an essential and ongoing task that underpins our business operations We are committed to linking this to the goal of continuous improvement and thereby setting new standards time and again Further increasing internal and external company transparency and data availability is inextricably linked with this for us In laying such foundations we are not only looking to achieve economically sustainable business development but also continue to demonstrate our commitment to ecological farming organic food and sustainable business 5TH AREA OF ACTIVITY OVERARCHING ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABILITY Managing conflicting objectives 3 Tools Description Introduce systematic management of conflicting objectives Target date 31 12 2017 Location Diepholz Gronau Assessment Not yet started

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 185
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