183 Mineral oil free inks Colourful inks that embellish all of our Pack aging We don t use mineral oil since it s a finite resource and because we want to pro tect our products from contamination with possible residues All of our printed materi als including our Customer magazine are printed in mineral oil free inks See p 144 Moorland patronage Financial and conceptual support for the res toration of the Diepholz moor Lebensbaum assumed patronage for the moor in 2012 and had provided 175 000 euros for this purpose by the end of 2018 A group of our employ ees regularly goes to the moor to actively assist in conservation efforts See p 125 Motion sensor Installed in all our common rooms such as toi lets the photocopy room and in the warehouse as a good and simple energy saving tool If no one is in the room the light stays off And if someone enters one of these rooms with their hands full they needn t put everything down to fumble for the light switch Müsli Messe Muesli trade fair Official name Frankfurter Körner Kon gress Frankfurt Grain Fair the pre cursor of the BioFach trade fair Night cooling A clever form of air exchange Warm air flows out cool air flows in Regulates the temperature in our logistics centre Occupational health The health of our employees is understandably of great importance to us Occupational safety training and medical check ups regularly take place as preventive measures There are no particularly hazardous tasks at Lebensbaum High safety standards across the board ergo nomic Workplaces and regularly scheduled Workplace rotation combine to protect our health Employees with serious health issues receive individual support By offering a selec tion of freshly prepared dishes every day in our Organic bistro we encourage a healthy diet Diepholz employees can also join the Hansefit fitness network through our company We sub sidise their membership fees See p 168 f Occupational safety A top priority at our business locations and also at our suppliers operations Regular training ses sions on the safe use of our Machinery are held for our production staff We use our Employee magazine to explain aspects like the proper use of fire extinguishers Both we and our partners comply with the strict standards of the ILO Online shop Since the autumn of 2012 we have continuously offered our entire range of products online shop lebensbaum de See p 78 Open door policy Our way of looking out for each and every one of our employees Whereas big companies have elaborate programmes targeting employee satis faction we prefer to find unbureaucratic individ ual solutions for instance if an employee is facing ill health or financial difficulties See p 162 Organic agriculture Also known as ecological agriculture biological agriculture and organic farming A method of pro ducing agricultural products in an environmen tally friendly manner All Lebensbaum products are 100 organic Among other requirements any use of synthetic plant protection products mineral fertilisers and genetic engineering is strictly prohibited Organic farming opera tions are certified and regularly inspected The aim is a closed loop system Crops are culti vated in harmony with Nature See p 138 f Organic bistro The most popular place at lunchtime at Lebensbaum Organic dishes pre pared fresh daily provide energy for the rest of the working day See p 160 f Organic cotton thread A humble but integral part of our teabags Tear resistant tasteless and 100 organic Organic farming Also known as Organic agriculture Organic lunchbox A campaign to show primary school pupils and their parents the value of a good break fast because it isn t easy to learn on an empty stomach In participating schools every first year pupil receives a BPS free lunchbox filled with organic bread vegetables fruit and other treats Lebensbaum has contributed tea and actively supported the local chapter of the organic lunchbox campaign since 2003 Organic pioneer Designates a trailblazer in the organic sector We were the first to offer organic herbal tea blends and organic coffee Since 1979 See page 24 ff Organic since 1979 Since 1979 we have been making products the way we think is right 100 organic Packaging Should optimally protect our products but generate as little waste as possible That s why we follow this principle As much as nec essary as little as possible See p 144 f Paper The kind we use for our printed publications con sists of at least 99 9 percent recycled materials Partners Our longstanding suppliers service providers and customers Please note that the term in our Lebensbaum Partner System only refers to suppliers and service providers not customers

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