184 7 Did you know From A to Z Rainwater catch basin A basin to temporarily collect and retain rainwater Soil sealing due to the construc tion of buildings such as our logistics centre means that there is less soil surface area to absorb the same amount of rain The rain water catch basin helps prevent peak flow Salaries We pay salaries independent of a person s gender ethnicity nationality skin colour religion ideology political or union activity disability age or sexual identity Equal pay for equal work This is embedded in one of our Company agreements See p 165 Sapling removal Ridding the moor of saplings young trees such as birches Our apprentices and other employ ees join helpers from Natureschutzring Dümmer a local conservation society the responsible conservation officer and occasionally German army soldiers from a nearby barracks on reg ular missions to rid the moor of saplings Birch saplings take away a lot of precious water and light that peat moss needs to grow See p 125 Social media We like to use platforms such as Facebook Ins tagram and Twitter to stay in touch with our cus tomers and keep them up to date See p 74 f Solar technology Used in the solar thermal system on the roof of our logistics centre for exam ple And in our Photovoltaic system Species count This gives us an overview of just how wild life is on our premises What s chirping in the bushes blooming in our Meadow orchard and swimming in or skating across our pond We started taking biodiversity inventories in the summer of 2012 Sponsorship One main focus is our Moor land patronage See p 174 Pension fund The key to our company pension scheme The company pays in 300 euros annually per participating employee Furthermore each employee can pay into the pension fund by means of deferred compensation See p 162 Pension scheme Pension fund Photovoltaic system Installed on the roof of our warehouse turn ing sunbeams into energy since late 2015 According to estimates and averaged over the year the system covers nearly 8 percent of our electricity needs in Diepholz See p 129 Pick by Voice system Voice directed warehousing system used to pick orders Employees wear a headset and receive verbal prompts from a computer which tells them what products to find where they are located and how many are required This makes the work easier improves efficiency and picking accuracy saves paper and according to the feedback we ve received so far enhances employee satisfaction Product portfolio Lebensbaum s entire range of tea cof fee herbs and spices always in 100 organic quality See p 68 f Product training Regular internal training sessions for our apprentices and some other employ ees to provide in depth knowledge about our products and raw materials Purity principle Lebensbaum has been guided by this principle since 1979 No flavourings flavour enhanc ers or other additives The only exception is pure essential oils such as bergamot oil an ingredient of our Earl Grey tea See p 56 LEGEND 2 Our company 3 Tools of our trade 4 1 Products 4 2 Customers 5 1 High quality work 5 2 Purchasing 6 1 Nature 6 2 People Due to the different sizes of our business locations and their unique histories not all entries apply to both equally

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