185 Suppliers Partners Sustainability and Environmental Management A department in Diepholz dedicated exclu sively to our ecological and social perfor mance and Lebensbaum s impacts Teabags without staples A customer request that we were only too happy to fulfil Strings are now sewn onto teabags rather than stapled The sole remaining staple that attaches the teabag s tag to the string can go into the compost without any problem We would like to lose that one as well but it would require modifying existing machines with an enormous amount of effort or purchasing new ones It will be some time before our machines are no longer fit for purpose or need to be overhauled Transport by ship Our climate friendly alternative to air freight which would be faster but con sumes more resources and generates more CO 2 emissions See p 108 Value chain Every step however small that it takes to make our products from crop to shop Every step is taken in a sustainable manner so that we can continue to sell environmen tally friendly and socially responsible prod ucts for a long time to come See p 96 f Virgin wood fibre boxes The name says it all cardboard boxes made of virgin wood fibre They have never been used before aren t made of recycled paper and are therefore not contaminated with traces of mineral oil We have protected our products from such traces since 2006 by using virgin wood fibre for our tea boxes The boxes have been FSC certified since 2011 See p 144 f VisionsWald VisionForest A 620 hectare piece of land in Costa Rica True to our company name Lebensbaum means tree of life we planted 5 000 trees on five hectares to restore habitat for howler monkeys ocelots jaguars toucans and mot mots In addition to enhancing Biodiversity the growing forest binds 80 000 tonnes of CO 2 and creates local jobs in sustainable forestry When business partners celebrate anniversa ries we like to give them a piece of forest Warehouse logistics specialist One of the Apprenticeships we offer Waste recycling One of our highest priorities at Lebensbaum We follow the closed loop principle Waste materials are consistently separated for recy cling Paper is recycled by a local paper mill We send food waste to ReFood for recycling Wir Für Uns By Us For Us Our Employee magazine Workplace ergonomic Keeps us from going home with aching backs and strained eyes at the end of a day s work at Lebensbaum As many as 99 5 percent of our workstations are ergonomic This includes indi vidually adjustable desk heights maintaining the correct distance from computer screens in our administrative offices as well as working at appropriate heights and regularly rotating work stations Workplace rotation on our produc tion lines to prevent one sided repetitive strain injuries and posture problems See p 169 Workplace rotation Our production staff members swap workstations at regular intervals according to a schedule This prevents one sided repetitive strain injuries Works council A body founded by employees more than 20 years ago to represent their interests The Youth and apprentices council is a branch of the works council See p 153 Youth and apprentices council Jugend und Auszubildendenvertretung JAV Its representatives are elected by young employ ees and apprentices who are 25 and under JAV is their contact partner in the company and is a branch of the Works council See p 153

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