182 9 GRI Index GRI Index G4 incl Specific Indicators for the Food Processing Sector General Standard Disclosures Strategy and Analysis G4 1 Statement from the managing director 4f Foreword Organisational Profile G4 3 Company name 1 Reporting boundaries see also U2 G4 4 Primary brands and products 66f Our product range 58f Product history Classics 22f Company quartets see also 55 Good Morning Tea Evening Dream 61 Explorers Finest 62 Tea Master pieces 85 Roasted by experts 86f Cardamom from Guatemala 97 Sri Lankan pepper G4 5 Company location 18 Where to find us 20 Organisational and ownership structure G4 6 Countries of operations 22f Company quartets 80 Our field sales team 100f The Lebensbaum map of the world G4 7 Ownership structure and legal form 20 Organisational and ownership structure G4 8 Markets served 22f Company quartets G4 9 Size of the company 19 P L etc 20 Organisational and ownership structure 22f Company quartets G4 10 Employees by employment contract and type and by gender 139 Employee numbers 22f Company quartets Supplementary data for the corporate group as of 31 12 2015 Total number of employees 207 Of which temporary 46 22 women 24 men Of which permanent 161 85 women 76 men Of which part time 33 27 women 6 men Of which full time 174 80 women 94 men Of which Diepholz based 165 90 women 75 men Of which Gronau based 42 17 women 25 men Average of 2 3 temporary workers during holidays or agency workers in the company per year G4 11 Coverage of collective bargaining agreements Diepholz 100 see also 151 Works council Gronau not relevant G4 12 Organisation s supply chain 92f Fennel anise and caraway tea from crop to shop 44f Lebensbaum Partner System 120 Packaging see also 63 Price transparency 86f Cardamom from Guate mala 88 Association goods 89 Demeter 97 Sri Lankan pepper 100f The Lebens baum map of the world 102 Global purchasing of raw materials 116 Organic farming We have approx 150 suppliers in total and a purchasing volume of approx 30 million G4 13 Changes to size structure and ownership status 20 Organisational and ownership structure see also 1 Reporting boundaries 24f History G4 14 Consideration of precautionary principle 40f Our management approach see also 4f Foreword 39 IMS 43 Eco friendly product development 44f Lebensbaum Partner System G4 15 Support of externally developed charters principles and initiatives 39 IMS 194f Company policy 33 Associated with associations 40f Our management approach 44f Lebensbaum Partner System G4 16 Memberships of associations and national international interest groups 33 Associated with associations Legend EMAS

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