15 A company s commitment to sustainability cannot be deter mined from well prepared pious utterances but from the bin in the staff canteen And if a yoghurt carton sometimes has to be separated into three parts not everyone will make a success of this the first time round So a chart above our bins shows how it is done You can find out all about the Company and related Tools in chapters 2 and 3 Fancy reading about our products and cus tomers Then you will find what you are looking for in the Finest organic quality chapter Chapter 5 takes you on a jour ney with a magnifying glass around the globe Quality has roots Chapter 6 gives you more details about our commitment to Nature and people If you re in a hurry we ve put together a quick overview in chapter 7 where we ve compiled lots of large and small issues concerning sustainability at Lebens baum Did you know From A to Z gives you the chance to learn a lot in even a short period of time If you are interested in finding out what we want to do better and which minor and major Objectives we have set ourselves then turn to chapter 8 Those with a penchant for tables and figures will really enjoy the GRI Index in chapter 9 Regardless of where you turn down the corners of the page we hope you enjoy an informative read

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