184 9 GRI Index Indicators Economic Indicators G4 EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed 19 P L etc for sector specific donations sponsorships and engagement see also 107 Organic farming needs soil 154f G4 EC5 Ratio of standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage Standard entry level wages start at around 120 of the minimum wage Environmental Indicators G4 EN1 Materials used 120 Packaging supplementary information Raw materials and packaging are the important material quantities With a view to material efficiency the use of packaging material and the ratio of packaging to product are particu larly significant Materials used in 2015 Packaging Diepholz 1 212t of which renewable 1 007t 83 2014 1 172t 2013 1 058t Gronau 325t of which renewable 225t 69 Raw materials Diepholz 3 876t 2014 3 190t 2013 3 041t Gronau 2 728t G4 EN3 Energy consumption within the organisation 122f Energy pages supplementary information the data on page 122f does not take into account the thermal energy generated by our own geothermal energy and solar collector systems This is directly used without being measured for air conditioning in the produc tion building and to help provide heating and generate warm water in the shipping logistics building Any fuel consumed in operating company vehicles which is not procured from service sta tions with which we have signed an agreement is determined on the basis of calculations All other data provided is based on measured values Invoice details and the average annual price for Germany are used as a basis for calculations Fuel consumption in 2015 for operating company vehicles 385 7MWh of which diesel 339 0MWh petrol 40 2MWh natural gas 6 5MWh G4 EN8 Total water consumption within the organisation 2015 UW BLX NH Water m 1935 199 1393 Of which sanitary facilities break rooms m 942 Of which garden irrigation m 993 Waste water m 942 199 1393 2014 UW BLX NH Water m 1221 278 692 Waste water m 993 278 692 2013 UW BLX NH Water m 1703 264 900 Waste water m 983 264 900 UW Ulrich Walter GmbH BLX BioLogX NH Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei G4 EN15 Direct greenhouse gas GHG emissions Scope 1 Gas fuel 126f Greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents taking into account the greenhouse gases as per the GHG Protocol G4 EN16 Energy indirect greenhouse gas GHG emissions Scope 2 Energy 126f Greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents taking into account the greenhouse gases as per the GHG Protocol

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