189 1 Area of activity Products and customers Inner lining 6 1 Nature Description Switching the inner lining of our Tea Masterpieces to a carbon neutral film made of renewable raw materials NatureFlex Deadline 31 Dec 2018 Location Diepholz Status New lining has been procured successive changeover And we have also listed them in our annual environmental statements in the years between our sustainability reports Now we ve decided to stop this form of double reporting Starting with this sustainability report we will only be reporting the objectives that have been achieved since our last environmental statement If readers are interested in what happened to our other objectives that are no longer listed here they can easily locate them at the click of the mouse in our online archive At www lebensbaum de bibo you can find many of our reports including our 2017 and 2018 environmental statements listing all other objectives completed since our 2016 sustainability report COMPLETED OBJECTIVES 2 Area of activity Sustainability quality along the supply chain Green coffee purchasing 5 2 Purchasing Description Complete changeover of purchased coffee to 100 organic Deadline 31 Dec 2018 Location Gronau Status Objective achieved

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