186 9 GRI Index Production waste previously disposed of as residual waste was switched over to more eco friendly disposal through ReFood in August 2014 NH disposal methods Residual waste plastic and wood packaging wood and biodegradable waste collected by local waste management company Stenau for proper recycling and disposal Cardboard and waste paper collected by the Chance e V non profit organisation for the production of recycled paper Organic production waste collected by the Kockmann company No weighing during waste paper collection G4 EN27 Mitigation of environmental impacts of products and services 43 Eco friendly product development 170ff and 177ff Objectives G4 EN 29 Sanctions for non compliance with environmental laws and regulations None G4 EN31 Total environmental protection expenditures and investments by type 2015 expenditure Costs for waste disposal 35 652 Costs for environmental and sustainability management 65 298 Furthermore we ensure within the company and in the supply chain that particularly eco friendly and sustainable solutions are implemented again and again when it comes to investment decisions and improvements even if some of these come with a higher price tag The additional costs incurred for these are not recorded or identified as separate sus tainability and environmental costs G4 EN32 Percentage of new suppliers screened using environmental criteria 100 44f Lebensbaum Partner System incl infobox G4 EN34 Number of complaints about environmental impacts filed addressed and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms None Social Indicators Labour Practices and Decent Work G4 LA1 New employee hires and employee turnover 139 Employee numbers Supplementary data New employees in 2015 Diepholz 28 13 women 15 men of which 23 under 30 years of age 5 aged 30 to 50 increase in employees 11 5 2014 2 8 2013 9 1 2012 7 3 Gronau 6 1 woman 5 men of which 3 under 30 years of age 2 aged 30 to 50 1 over 50 years of age increase in employees 17 2015 staff turnover Diepholz 11 6 women 5 men of which 5 under 30 years of age 6 aged 30 to 50 rate of turnover 6 7 2014 12 2 2013 4 5 2012 6 1 Gronau 0 G4 LA4 Minimum notice periods regarding operational changes The statutory notice periods apply

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