191 True cost assessment 3 Tools of our trade 5 2 Purchasing Description Conducting an annual true cost assessment for the products of at least three suppliers from 2020 onwards Deadline 31 Dec 2021 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Pilot assessments have been carried out Reclamation of desert land 5 2 Purchasing Description Financing of a solar powered circular irrigation system as part of a project by our cultivation partner Sekem for the reclamation and climate friendly ecological farming of desert land in Egypt Deadline 31 Dec 2019 Location Diepholz Status Nachhaltig Fair seal 3 Tools of our trade 4 1 Products Description Acquiring the new Nachhaltig Fair Sustainable Fair seal for all Lebensbaum products see p 43 Deadline 31 Dec 2021 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Necessary adaptations to our management system have largely been completed The Socially Responsible Sustainable Fair seal now certifies the entire company Workshops on soil fertility and compost 5 2 Purchasing Description Initiating a programme for workshops on soil fertility and compost for large and intermediate suppliers Deadline 31 Dec 2021 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Raw materials 5 2 Purchasing Description Sourcing at least 95 of our raw materials from suppliers who in addition to their organic certification have been certified or audited for social accountability standards or from countries of origin with low risk of non compliance with social accountability standards as per the BSCI risk classification Deadline 31 Dec 2021 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Degree of fulfilment in 2018 94 7 Our strategic approach In our supply chain we work with partners who know how to protect nature through sustainable ecological farming methods This goes beyond organic quality to include biodiversity soil fertility and careful use of natural water resources In addition to our high environmental and quality standards we strive to improve the lives and working conditions of local people through mandatory labour and social accountability standards for our cultivation partners We consistently aim for long term partnerships in which we pay fair prices and our partners pay fair wages This also allows us to offer our customers a high degree of transparency regarding the origins of our products which we intend to continuously improve as we move forward with this approach 2 AREA OF ACTIVITY SUSTAINABILITY QUALITY ALONG THE SUPPLY CHAIN

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