189 Social Indicators Product Responsibility G4 PR2 Number of incidents of non compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products None G4 PR3 Mandatory product information Lebensbaum products are comprehensively labelled for the purpose of transparent product identification and customer information Our internal labelling rules which apply to all Lebensbaum products go beyond what is legally required 64f Product transparency 88 BNN G4 PR6 Sale of banned or disputed products Banned products none Disputed products none Lebensbaum products have usually been rated good and very good or satisfactory at worst in product testing carried out by the Stiftung Warentest foundation and Ökotest magazine in the last ten years However with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR having reassessed the issue of the unintentional contamination of tea with pyrrolizidine alkaloids PA there was some critical reporting during the reporting period from consumer magazines relating to both the tea sector as a whole and Lebensbaum products For more on this please see 90f Residues in the product Did you know see also only in German www lebensbaum com de neuigkeiten 2015 16 november fragen und antworten pyrrolizidin alkaloide G4 PR9 Fines for non compliance with laws and regulations None Specific Indicators for the Food Processing Sector G4 FP1 Purchased volume from suppliers compliant with company s sourcing policy 100 44f Lebensbaum Partner System incl infobox G4 FP2 Purchased volume which is verified as being in accordance with internationally recognised responsible production Raw materials Organic 44f Lebensbaum Partner System incl infobox Social standards 44f Lebensbaum Partner System incl infobox Packaging 120 Packaging Office paper printed materials 129f Green printing

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