193 E mobility 6 1 Nature Description Construction of charging station for electric cars Replacement of a further vehicle with an electric car Deadline 31 Dec 2020 Location Gronau Status Carbon neutral waste disposal 6 1 Nature Description Ensuring carbon neutral disposal of the waste we generate Deadline 31 Dec 2020 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Carbon neutral office paper 6 1 Nature Description Exclusive use of carbon neutral paper in our offices Deadline 31 Dec 2019 Location Diepholz Gronau Status Our strategic approach Minimising resource consumption and using eco friendly materials are the two key strategic environmental goals at our facilities In pursuing these objectives we also aim to continue reducing the amount of waste we generate And we believe it is equally important to continue improving our energy efficiency and to cover our remaining needs with renewable energies as far as possible preferably those we generate ourselves Starting with fully offsetting production related greenhouse gas emissions and those generated directly by our business activities we are gradually moving our entire value chain towards carbon neutrality And last but not least our eco friendly product portfolio and green product design grant us considerable leverage which we strive to consistently put to better and better use 4 AREA OF ACTIVITY ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Carbon neutral bistro meals 6 1 Nature Description Carbon neutral meals in our company bistro Deadline 31 Dec 2019 Location Diepholz Status

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2019 Seite 195
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