190 9 GRI Index Specific Management Approach Aspect of sustaina bility at Lebensbaum Assigned GRI Aspects Boundary particularly relevant to Material effects Specific manage ment approach Economic sustainability Economic performance Entire company trading partners suppliers service providers private label partners employees investors insurance companies banks Securing the company s future performance of core business activities payment of fair prices and wages and meeting payment obligations 39ff Remuneration and benefits for employees Market presence Entire company employees works council future employees insurance companies Employee income satisfaction health retention and motivation good working environment attractiveness to future employees 39ff Material resource consumption Materials Entire company raw material suppliers packaging suppliers processors environment future generations private label partners consumers retail trade employees certification bodies Product protection transportability resource consumption waste generation energy consumption CO2e emissions environmental impact of materials 39ff Own energy consumption Energy Entire company environment future generations authorities service providers private label partners certification bodies Resource and energy consumption energy generation CO2e emissions and other air emissions operational efficiency raising awareness of energy consumption among staff 39ff 122f Example of new national energy regulation EDL G Energy Services Act implemented through EMAS Climate effects emissions Emissions Entire company environment future generations raw material suppliers packaging suppliers private label partners service providers certification bodies consumers employees Climate change climate risks and changing farming conditions in the cultivation of raw materials costs for climate protection and climate change adaptation environmental protection through offsetting projects energy consumption raising awareness among staff and consumers 39ff 128f No industry specific emission standards or guidelines Waste water waste Effluents and waste Entire company service providers private label partners retail trade suppliers authorities neighbours environment future generations Resource and energy consumption energy generation composting recycling disposal costs raising awareness among staff 39ff Sustainable products packaging Products and services Entire company suppliers consumers retail trade private label partners catering industry service providers certification bodies associations research institutes environment future generations employees authorities Product safety and quality resource consumption waste recycling composting energy consumption CO2e emissions transparency credibility lasting market success 39ff

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