2Kapitel What happened to Get the answer on page 10 A For the sake of readability we did not always include gender specific formulations his her s he etc in our texts However we would like to point out that terms such as customers employees etc all apply equally to everyone regardless of gender Pure Taste Group Ulrich Walter GmbH Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei BioLogX Lebensbaum For better readability and as it s just how we do things naturally around here we use the name Lebensbaum as the common designation for the entire company group in this report More than 35 years ago Lebensbaum was the name we gave the organic grocery store from which the companies based in Diepholz originated Now it is one of our brand names Our coffee has been roasted at Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei for almost all this time So we had all been Lebensbaum long before we formally adopted the roasting house in 2011 Even in external commu nication such as with our customers the name is still often used synonymously for the companies That is why it makes sense for us to use it accordingly in this report When it comes to sustainability the companies also share the same views and objectives There fore there is no need to split up activities frequently spanning all of our companies for this report Wherever we need to differentiate our presentation particularly in the index makes it clear which company or location is being referred to

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