For more than 35 years now we have been producing tea coffee and spices organically We firmly believe that this sophisticated form of agriculture is a prerequisite for high quality natural food But it is about more than this with every product sold the number of fields farmed organically increases Therefore it is our approach to promote a way of farming that preserves nature while producing food of exceptional quality Our customers appreciate these dual benefits trust in the way we work and have made us the market leader in the specialist organic trade We already know from our pioneering days that confidence and above all creative energy is necessary to achieve things This moment of force which turned the small Lebensbaum organic grocery store into a medium sized business with more than 200 employees continues to drive us on Today we aspire to be pacemakers of a sustainable economy Fresh ideas no matter how innovative they may be only bear fruit when trialled and im plemented jointly Together with our suppliers employees service providers and customers we are building an entire value chain which is in accordance with our philosophy of sustainable development Business conducted this way creates long term value benefitting everyone involved And we even dare to call this the economy of the future

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