198 9 GRI Index GRI content index GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards GRI 102 General Disclosures 102 1 Name of the organization The name Lebensbaum see p U2 Scope of report see p 1 102 2 Activities brands products and services Company quartets see p 22 f Product history see p 60 f W Overview of our products see p 68 f 102 3 Location of headquarters Where to find us see p 18 102 4 Location of operations Company quartets see p 22 f The Lebensbaum map of the world see p 108 f Steadfast and at one with the earth see p 154 The land of coffee beans and flamingos see p 155 102 5 Ownership and legal form Organisational and ownership structure see p 20 102 6 Markets served Company quartets see p 22 f Customer A definition see p 71 Online shop see p 78 Food service à la mode see p 82 102 7 Scale of the organization Finances see p 19 Company quartets see p 22 f 102 8 Information on employees and other workers I am well employed see p 165 Striking a good work life balance see p 166 102 9 Supply chain Quality assurance see p 96 f GRI required or optional GRI required indicator core indicator or indicator for a material aspect GRI optional indicator indicator that can be reported but is not required EMAS Important environmental aspect LEGEND

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