195 Basic principles We use commercial foresight to transform customer re quirements into business activities Our objective the best products for happy satisfied customers We demand that our products have the highest stand ards of safety quality and sustainability and align all of our systems structures and processes towards this Our business activities are based on the consistent pro motion and extension of socially responsible organic farming methods We implement our values and principles across the entire value chain Consequently we purchase globally direct ly at source and maintain long term partnerships with our suppliers and customers Our purchasing manage ment builds on the criteria of our company policy and follows the prevailing international standards such as the EU Eco regulation and core labour standards of the ILO International Labour Organization We comply with applicable laws legal provisions qual ity social and environmental standards and the guide lines of organic farming organisations We strive to set benchmarks frequently going beyond legal standards and established norms As a company we are committed to nature and people and make a positive contribution to the environment and society We think in cycles We minimise our use of re sources and our environmental impact Besides focus ing on organic farming we also pay particular attention to energy efficiency the use of renewable energy select ing eco friendly packaging and minimising waste Implementation policy In order to implement our basic principles we formulate clear guidelines responsibilities and processes as well as strategic and operational objectives that are subject to regular review and provide the necessary resources We record document assess and report on our activi ties and their effects regularly extensively and trans parently and collect the data and performance indica tors needed for this We maintain a systematic continual improvement pro cess with annual operational audits both internal and external in accordance with the management standards combined within our integrated management system and commit to continuously improving our performance with regard to these Objectives and measures are checked and updated an nually as part of a management assessment We systematically record and assess the relevance and materiality of aspects and effects of our business activi ties process by process In doing so we follow the prin ciple of materiality incorporate external expertise and take into account our stakeholders perspectives We encourage our employees to take independent action and actively involve them in developing and implement ing our systems We train and develop our staff and help them acquire qualifications through systematic training and develop ment initiatives We are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders To the extent possible we also shoulder responsibili ty beyond our core business with respect to our region industry and supply chains We support projects that promote education for children and young people par ticularly in the regions where our farming partners are based as well as other initiatives in the areas of ecolo gy health art and culture

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