198 10 Glossary Additives These substances are used to tech nologically modify food For instance they ena ble a product to be kept for longer enhance its taste or make it easier to spread AöL Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelh ersteller Association of Organic Food Proces sors promotes ecological sustainable food stuffs appropriate to human requirements B A U M Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management e V German Environmental Management Association the European business sector s largest environmen tal initiative The association works to promote sustainable business methods in local authori ties businesses and organisations Batch Name for products made under identi cal production conditions BfR The job of the Bundesinstitut für Risikobe wertung Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is to identify risks and protect public health Biodiversity Also called biological diversity describes both the diversity of different hab itats and the species and sub species found there Bioland A German organic farming associa tion www bioland de BNN Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e V the Association of Organic Processors Wholesalers and Retailers represents the inter ests of the organic food sector at the political and economic level www n bnn de BÖLW Bund Ökologische Lebensmittel wirtschaft German Association of Organic Farmers Food Processors and Traders is a network that works on constantly improving the general conditions for the organic food business Bremer Umweltpreis Nordwest Environ ment award from the metropolitan region of Bremen Oldenburg with various different cate gories for sustainable businesses BSCI The Business Social Compliance Initia tive is a platform that supports the improve ment of social standards for example im proved working conditions Bulk density The space taken up by a prede fined mass of material in this case product A consistent bulk density is important in the case of loose tea for instance in order to be able to always pack the same net product weight into the same packet size Cederberg Mountain range north of Cape Town South Africa Cellulose acetate Synthetic material made of cellulose plant cell walls and acetic acid Closed loop system Strived for in organic farming A farm run on this basis represents a largely self contained system This means for instance natural fertiliser is not outsourced but comes from the farm s own livestock Code of conduct Our operating principles page 44 Crew resource management Prescribed annual training for pilots designed to increase airline safety through continual learning CRISPR Cas9 New molecular biological method for cutting and then modifying DNA CSR Corporate social responsibility A compa ny s social responsibility in relation to sustain able development Defra Department for Environment Food Rural Affairs in Great Britain Demeter Association for biodynamic agricul ture www demeter de page 89 Diepholz Main town of the Lower Saxony district of the same name Population approx 16 700 Where Lebensbaum is based Driftage Term for proportions of pesticides that while being deployed onto one field spread in the air onto other fields in the vicinity and or further away ecoinvent Database of the Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories EMAS The Eco Management and Audit Scheme EMAS is an instrument that helps companies to continually improve their opera tion s environmental performance Endemic Biological term indicating that something is prevalent only in a limited area Environmental statement Part of the EU Eco Audit A description of the environmental management system including key indicators and targets for improving environmental per formance It is published annually via the rel evant Chamber of Commerce and Industry A statutory requirement for EMAS Equity ratio Indicates the relative proportion of equity to total assets ESF European Social Fund Since 1957 a subsidy scheme for supporting people in the labour market in Europe http ec europa eu esf home jsp EU Eco Audit Launched in 1993 and applica ble across the EU a voluntary audit of a com pany s environmental impact environmental management system and improvement in en vironmental performance Part of it is an en vironmental statement Audited companies get an EMAS certificate EU organic label Mandatory European la bel for organic products introduced in 2010 Compulsory labelling on packed organic food Requires a checking procedure by officially ac credited auditing bodies Farm to Fork Value chain FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture an independent research establishment based in Switzerland Flavouring or flavouring agents are food additives designed to produce a certain smell or taste A differentiation is made in particu lar between natural and artificial synthetic flavouring Extracts and essential oils are also included in this The Lebensbaum purity prin ciple does not permit any flavouring agents Pure essential oils such as the bergamot oil in our Earl Grey teas are the sole exception FLO CERT FLO CERT audits and certifies producers and merchants using standards de veloped by the FLO Fairtrade Labelling Organ izations International FSC Forest Stewardship Council a non govern mental organisation that promotes sustainable forest management German organic label German symbol for organic products Requires certification by officially accredited auditing bodies www bio siegel de German Sustainability Code The German Sustainability Code Deutscher Nachhaltigkeit skodex enables companies to structure their sustainability endeavours in a transparent way This makes it possible to compare and evalu ate companies in respect of their sustainability work

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