199 GHG Protocol Greenhouse Gas Protocol an internationally recognised tool for assessing and calculating CO2 emissions GMO Genetically modified organism Acro nym and term to describe such organisms Gold Standard Certificates Quality stand ard for carbon offset projects In addition to reducing greenhouse gases they are also in tended to promote sustainable development in the individual countries GRI Global Reporting Initiative an interna tional initiative aimed at making sustainabili ty figures comparable Produces catalogues of questions for sustainability reporting GRI Index Covers the data on sustainabili ty reporting required by the Global Reporting Initiative Gronau Town in the Münsterland region North Rhine Westphalia Population approx 46 500 Where Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei is based GUTcert Organisation based in Berlin that deals with the certification of integrated man agement systems The organisation s other are as of expertise include the verification of green house gas emissions and the certification of the sustainability requirements for biomass HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points a system for ensuring food safety Holocene Epoch in Earth s history lasting from the 10th Century BC to the present day IAP International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade an international network of organic sector companies IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements an international um brella organisation of the organic agriculture sector IFS International Featured Standards food a food safety and quality standard IMO Institute for Market Ecology Switzerland an auditing body IMS An integrated management system IMS brings together into one uniform structure the methods and processes used for adherence to diverse requirements This leads to an increase in the company s level of competitiveness imug Institut für Markt Umwelt Gesellschaft imug carries out research projects putting a particular focus on ecological economic and social issues The imug market research team helps companies with the market research pro cess from the planning stage right through to implementation Indicator Here a performance figure or measurement IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change an international body under the aus pices of the United Nations ISO 14001 Defines globally recognised re quirements for an environmental management system The standard s specifications expose any weak spots within a company and at the same time offer ways to improve these as quickly as possible ISO 9001 International quality management standard Key user A term used to describe a member of a company s staff who helped to implement a piece of software and if necessary provides continued expert support for it later Lebensbaum poster gazette German name Posterzeitung first Lebensbaum cus tomer magazine Forerunner of the Lebens baum Blatt Lebensbaum Blatt Forerunner of today s Lebensbaum customer magazine Lebensbaum Stiftung Charitable founda tion set up in 2007 by the Walter family Its aims include providing financial support to projects in the areas of education culture and environmental protection in Germany and abroad www lebensbaum stiftung de Life cycle assessment Method for recording the impact that a product and its production process make on the environment Materiality assessment Analytical tool used to filter out the most important sustaina bility issues for companies and stakeholders NatureFlex Compostable film based on cellulose acetate Naturkost e V Predecessor association of the BNN Naturland A German organic farming asso ciation NGO Non governmental organisation Organic monitoring A special monitoring scheme in the area of ecologically produced food In addition to checking the food the scheme s aim is to increase customer confi dence in organic products Orthodox tea processing Traditional meth od of tea production picking withering rolling and fermenting Pinterest Social network for public display of collections of images on the Internet Pre press Describes every stage of work that occurs prior to printing This includes type setting mounting and adding images to offset printing plates Private label A trademark that describes own brands of merchants for whom other com panies make products Raw materials Ingredients that have yet to be processed Rehden A community in the Diepholz district of Lower Saxony Population approx 1 800 Where Lebensbaum used to be based Residue analysis Systematic chemical and or microbiological examination for the purpose of detecting any possible undesirable substanc es Sensory analysis In relation to food assess ment using sensual perception such as smell taste and appearance Stakeholders page 34 Triple bottom line Three pillar model of sustainable development The concept works on the basis that equal attention must be paid to economic ecological and social aspects and that each is dependent on the others Value chain An interlinked series chain of activities that a product goes through in the production process gaining value step by step from the field to the fork Weeds Often wrongly regarded as pest plants In farming areas they act as a source of nutri tion for beneficial organisms protect soil from erosion and aid the formation of humus which is important for the soil quality

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