202 11 Epilogue The King is dead long live the King But before we look back over the piece of work you have in front of you and consider all the stages which led to the finished prod uct let s turn our attention once more to the Lebensbaum Sustainability Report 2013 when we boldly deviated from the rules by creating a different kind of report We wanted a report that didn t just report but entertained as well A report accessible to all not just those in the know And a report that was put together that suited us and our company and didn t simply and rigidly stick to the three classic pillars of sustainability namely economics the environ ment and social affairs This leap of faith paid off Shortly before this new 2016 report was published our 2013 re port was crowned German SMEs best sustain ability report as part of the IÖW future Rank ing of Sustainability Reports in Berlin Fortunately this award came rather late in the day by a time when the new sustainability re port was almost finished Otherwise we might have pushed ourselves a little less hard to be even better than before Who knows we might have rested on our laurels Undoubtedly the temptation would have been great because many often uncounted hours It s been three years since our last sustainability report Back then it was really unusual to include an afterword in this type of document That remains true to this day And yet we still think that there s no harm in taking a moment to reflect at the end of such a mammoth project

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