206 Corporate policy Mission statement We see ourselves as a modern and culturally inclusive com pany that acts in accordance with our values sense of integ rity and sound business practices We share a responsibility to society as a whole Our focus is on high quality organic products which we dis tribute through channels that support these standards and are focused on the future We treat our customers suppliers and employees fairly in a spirit of partnership We place a premium on a positive working environment the workplace safety of our employees the responsible use of re sources and sustainable business practices Because skilled employees are our most important asset we support contin uing education and professional development We encourage and foster open communication The satisfaction and success of our customers are the forces that drive our business spurring us to continuous improvement Core principles of our corporate policy The following core principles apply to the entire Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG including all subsidiaries and loca tions These principles are consistently implemented through our integrated management system and apply to all manage ment standards enacted there Who we are We produce tea coffee and spices of the finest organ ic quality In doing so we are helping to advance a form of agriculture that not only produces food of exception al quality but also conserves Nature the basis of all life Across the globe we purchase directly at the source be cause we believe in quality from the roots up and it is our wish to be there from the outset where our products are grown This allows us to produce food of the highest pos sible quality and transparency from crop to shop We see our suppliers customers and employees as part ners whom we work with on a long term basis And we cultivate relationships with these partners based on equal ity fairness honesty and trust We have been putting these principles to test on the market since our company was founded they form the cornerstone of our success 9 GRI Index

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