203 of work went into our new report From the very start at the end of January we have been investing blood sweat and tears along with considerable enthusiasm Fig ures were collected texts written research was carried out interviews were conducted and much more besides We had to put our foot down to ensure that certain contents and wording made the final cut but it was definitely worth it You know when we look back now we realise that we wouldn t have sat back and relaxed not even then That s just not our style Sustainability is what fires us up We love writing about it and want very much to make the topic more accessible to a wider audience Naturally there was once again a great deal of fascinating information to be discovered about our company whilst we were putting together this report And this time too there were moments when we were pushed to our limit whether it was the transposed digits that didn t tally or a text which had vanished into thin air However what made the whole thing es pecially exciting was the fact that we had a real in house audit going on about the report Whilst only the GRI conformity was checked in the case of the 2013 report this audit went to the very core of what we do not once but twice for four days an environmental auditor followed by a sustainability assessor carried out on site checks to establish whether the data we had included in our report was borne out by the facts and if we met EMAS and GRI re quirements Time and again we were called upon to prove by way of random samples what was written in the report Not that you re obliged to do this We chose to set the bar so high Sometimes it s good to test your own limits Now we re taking time to savour the fin ished piece of work before tackling the 2019 sustainability report We hope that you too have enjoyed our report or at best are still having fun leafing through its pages Until next time the editorial team

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