208 Standards for social and ethical responsibility GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONDUCT WITHIN THE COMPANY AND TOWARDS OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS 1 Responsibility respect and dialogue We accept responsibility for our actions and their consequences Along our value chain and throughout the lifecycles of our prod ucts we treat people and Nature with respect minimise risks and meet our obligation to exercise due diligence in these areas In our relations with our stakeholders we maintain dialogue and monitoring and participation processes to ensure that we take their views experiences and needs into account 2 Fairness openness honesty and integrity no tolerance for corruption Our conduct toward employees business partners and other persons and organisations associated with us is based on the principles of fairness openness honesty and integrity Unfair or unethical practices in any form are contrary to these principles We do not participate in corruption extortion embezzlement or bribery in any form whatsoever and do not tolerate such practices in others We do not accept or offer unethical financial or other incen tives or gifts We call on all employees to contact their supervisors or the compliance officer if they suspect misconduct of the sort list ed above 3 Products manufacturing and marketing honest and transparent Lebensbaum produces organically cultivated products in an honest and transparent manner To us honest and transparent means that our products ad here to the Lebensbaum purity principle Whether tea coffee or spices our products never contain flavourings flavour en hancers or additives As a company we are committed to adhering to the fol lowing principles of ethics and social responsibility which imbue our business practices with integrity They serve as a benchmark for our cooperative relationship with our employees suppliers customers and everyone whom we do business with They apply across the entire corporate group hereinafter referred to as Lebensbaum i e Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG and its subsidiaries Ulrich Walter GmbH Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei GmbH and BioLogX GmbH These Standards for social and ethical responsibility supplement our corporate policy and are subdivided into the following sections General principles of ethics and social responsibility for conduct within the company and towards our business partners specifically points 1 to 8 Specific principles of ethics and social responsibility for conduct at our locations and towards our employees specifically points 9 to 18 Principles of ethics and social responsibility in purchasing and for conduct towards our suppliers specifically points 19 to 23 Further policies and company agreements of the corpo rate group and if applicable its subsidiaries also apply These standards cannot answer every question and do not relieve individuals of the responsibility to act and exer cise judgement independently and prudently in the best interests of the company Compliance with these prin ciples is mandatory In the event of serious or repeated violations consequences up to and including termination of the employment or business relationship are possi ble Any instructions given by superiors that deviate from these guidelines do not reflect the will of the company All principles apply to the entirety of the Lebensbaum workforce and to the companies listed above hereinafter referred to as we We have deliberately used gender inclusive language 9 GRI Index

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