204 11 Epilogue Many people gave us a helping hand when we were putting together this report We wouldn t want to miss the opportunity to thank them all profusely The following deserve a name check Tobias Bandel Janik Berger Wiebke Beyer Kathrin Bock Famulla Kirsten Buchecker Karl Dirnberger Birgit Droste Peter Grosch Carolin Hansen Helge Hansen Daniel Hertwig Peter Heuner Maria Holm Laura Hoth Prof Claudia Kemfert Brigitte kleine Stüve Prof Ulrich Köpke Remigius Konietzny Dr Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein Britta Metzing Bernadette Müting Spickermann Prof Yıldız Nemli Stefan Palme Hubert Plog Michael Radau Frank Rakar Dr Sarath Ranaweera Prof Götz E Rehn Prof Guido Ritter Barbara Samuel Reinald Schröder Bart Sparnaaij Prof Michael Succow Prof Hartmut Vogtmann Sarah Wiener Bernd Friedrich Zur Lage We are also grateful to our families who especially during the final push rarely saw us and who picked up a lot of the slack on our behalf Special thanks go to our colleagues who left no stone unturned when it came to revealing the workings of their departments and were always willing to answer many many questions and provide us with a wealth of information We hope we haven t forgotten to mention anyone by name in our lis If we have please know that it was not our intention but rather that it occurred in the heat of the moment This does not however lessen our appreciation and gratitude towards everyone involved Acknowledgements

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