209 We declare all ingredients fully and comprehensibly often go ing beyond the legal requirements Our packaging is designed to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible without com promising product quality Our marketing and advertising activities are honest transpar ent and fair 4 Transparent business practices We strive for complete transparency in our business activities To this end we collect all meaningful information that can be obtained with a reasonable amount of effort We use this infor mation to evaluate our performance and impacts and to adapt our activities and structures if necessary As part of our public reporting we disclose this information in accordance with the applicable regulations industry standards and international standards In this reporting we aim to go be yond what is customary in our industry as well as the minimum requirements established by law The falsification of such information as well as fraudulent ac tions in the supply chain or towards customers fundamentally contradict our values and will not be tolerated under any cir cumstances 5 Responsible handling of data Whenever we have to collect use or process the data of em ployees business partners customers consumers or others we do so with reasonable care taking into account the priva cy rights and interests of the individuals and organizations in question as well as Germany s laws and legal requirements for data privacy and information security 6 Compliance with laws and international standards National laws relevant international standards and the prin ciples laid out in these standards represent our minimum re quirements for responsible business practices Due diligence regarding human rights and compliance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Hu man Rights are among the non negotiable prerequisites for every one of our business activities and relationships These also include compliance with the core labour standards and other relevant International Labour Organization ILO standards the princi ples of the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 7 Advice and assistance We strive for a corporate culture in which questions are wel come and we support one another If there is any uncertainty regarding correct conduct all employees can contact their su pervisors the Human Resources department the works coun cil or the compliance officer Managers are responsible for ensuring that all staff receive the advice and assistance they need to comply with these standards 8 Handling complaints We handle complaints openly and constructively Complaints can be reported by anyone internally or externally to our com pliance officer We handle reports of violations of these stand ards for social and ethical responsibility and all other com plaints confidentially and if desired anonymously We ensure that no discrimination or disadvantages result from reporting non compliance or complaints and that every report and complaint is looked into SPECIFIC PRINCIPLES OF ETH ICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILI TY FOR CONDUCT AT OUR LOCATIONS AND TOWARDS OUR EMPLOYEES For the purposes of these standards employees also in cludes apprentices subcontracted employees placement stu dents and others in employment relationships with Lebens baum that are temporary or defined as geringfügig mini mal under German labour law These standards also apply to the conduct of employees towards one another 9 Fair terms of employment and respectful treatment In our company and in our value creation process our employ ees are partners whom we treat respectfully and as equals This relationship is built on good employment conditions and appreciative treatment of one another Precarious employment is not tolerated We only employ sub contracted temporary employees when absolutely necessary In such cases we work with temporary employment agencies that offer fair employment conditions

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