205 Compliance in accordance with the law We take comprehensive measures in order to guarantee that our practices conform to the prevailing legislation and specifications pertaining to the norms and standards which we implement as well as minimise the risk of corruption and other compliance related risks We check that we are in line with the prevailing legislation using a regularly updated schedule of legal provisions for example for environmental and food law making use of legal advice if necessary Regulations are made a binding part of the relevant pro cesses and documents As part of the verification and ap proval process they are also subjected to a conformity check Clear specifications and a distinct ethical compass guide us towards behaviour which respects the law and the rules from company policy and the requirements of our Lebens baum Partner System through to our anti corruption guide lines An annual audit programme checks to see whether we are adhering to these rules No legal violations were detected during the reporting period Disclaimer We proceeded with great care when collecting the data contained in this report The report s contents were also checked by colleagues who are technically responsible for the issue in question zHowever we cannot entirely rule out errors e g those which may have arisen when transferring data

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