210 10 No forced or unregulated labour Under no circumstances do we tolerate or employ forced labour All employment in our company is based on written contracts entered into on a voluntary basis No one is forced to work un der threat of punishment or sanctions We do not retain em ployees identification documents or require them to leave any other form of security deposit with the company Employment contracts are archived by the company and can be viewed at any time At a minimum they must define the employ ee s job title scope of work working hours and remuneration 11 No child labour and special protections for minors We comply with national laws regarding the minimum legal working age and special protections for employees who are not yet legal adults Employees under the age of 18 years are not permitted to work night shifts or perform tasks that could negatively affect their health safety development or integrity Under no circumstances do we tolerate or employ exploita tive child labour 12 Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining All employees have the right and the freedom to assemble or ganise and join trade unions of their choice for the purpose of protecting their interests and conducting collective bargaining and will not be hindered or penalised by the company We maintain a constructive and respectful working relation ship with the elected employee representatives They are re spected and not hindered in carrying out their duties nor are they disadvantaged or discriminated against because of it 13 Diversity and equal opportunities The way we treat one another is based on respect and toler ance irrespective of race ethnicity gender religion or ideol ogy disability age pregnancy family status or sexual identi ty And the way we treat one another is completely free of ver bal physical psychological and sexual harassment or violence Discrimination or unequal treatment for any of the reasons listed above as well as all forms of workplace bullying will not be tolerated Employees are remunerated according to their qualifications in keeping with the principle of equal pay for equal work 14 Health and safety We are committed to complying with national occupational safety laws and regulations and take additional precautions to minimise the risk of work related physical and mental stress as well as accidents of all kinds We promote the health of our employees to the fullest extent that the workplace allows 15 Employee wages salaries and benefits Our wages and salaries exceed the applicable minimum wag es and are at the very least in line with regional standards for wages and salaries in the sector In addition we provide employee benefits beyond those re quired by law 16 Working hours Our employees working hours comply with national legal re quirements and are in line with ILO conventions They are set down in writing and regulated in employment contracts and company agreements We ensure that our employees have sufficient uninterrupted leisure time for relaxation Overtime is voluntary does not occur regularly and is limited in scope by the company employees receive overtime pay or compensatory time Accordingly an individual s regular weekly working time in cluding overtime may not exceed 48 hours The number of an nual paid leave days exceeds the legal requirements 17 Apprenticeships professional development and continuing education The professional development and continuing education of our employees is important to us We are committed to training apprentices and supporting our employees if they wish to ob tain higher qualifications We foster our employees ongoing career development through regular feedback and profession al development We conduct legally and internally mandated training to ensure that the necessary qualifications are in place and to keep specialist knowledge up to date 9 GRI Index

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