207 Kapitel The planning of the audit was at the discretion of the auditors and implemented by the follow ing activities Access to the documentation on company organization company policy the guiding princi ples the social directive and specific work agreements Comprehending the decided materiality view based on various stakeholder surveys prioriti zation and the result of the evaluation and internal determination Inspection into the documentation of systems and processes for the collection analysis and aggregation of data on sustainability performance including a fine level release process of in dividual report sections Personal interviews with the managing director Personal interviews with the Sustainability and Environmental Management Officer staff rep resentatives and company communications Analytical assessment of communicated key figures Sample like retrieval of evidence for individual data e g by accessing internal management documentation and accounting as well as by analyzing records generated as reports from the internal data system Verdict On the basis of our sustainability assessment to obtain a limited level of security we have not been aware of any issues that may lead us to believe that the Sustainability Information contained in the Sustainability Report 2016 of the Pure Taste Group is not materially in accordance with the Global Reporting Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 Initiative GRI Additional Notes Recommendations Without limiting the above mentioned results we would like to make the following recommenda tions for the further development of sustainability management and reporting Internal standards should continue to be systematically combined at both locations In doing so they should help in keeping track of set goals The analysis of opportunities and risks can be carried out in even more detail with regard to the context of the organization The existing orientation of the company in terms of social aspects both on a company em ployee level as well as in supply chains could be even more prominent in the reporting com pared to the communication of environmental issues Berlin 08 September 2016 GUT Certifizierungsgesellschaft für Managementsysteme mbH Umweltgutachter Yulia Felker Susanne Moosmann

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