211 18 Work life balance Achieving a healthy equilibrium between work and private time work life balance is essential to the well being of our employ ees With this in mind we actively work to create a flexible dy namic when it comes to work and home life Among other ad vantages this allows us to offer equal opportunities to women and men age appropriate career options and models for or ganising work in a family friendly fashion to the extent pos sible given the type of work and the structure of the depart ment in question PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS AND SOCIAL RE SPONSIBILITY IN PURCHASING AND FOR CONDUCT TOWARDS OUR SUPPLIERS 19 Long term fair development oriented supplier partnerships When it comes to our relationships with our suppliers we strive for close long term fair partnerships with all of them It is our goal to contribute to the development of our suppli ers through our business activities In places where our sup pliers or their employees are socially or economically disad vantaged we aim to use our long term and fair partnership to improve the social and economic situation of our suppliers and that of the people who work for them This responsibility explicitly includes the goal of agreeing on fair and appropriate prices that safeguard the supplier s capacity for development These price agreements are reached on the basis of transpar ent pricing mechanisms through a dialogue between equals If necessary suppliers are supported with appropriate finan cial instruments 20 Risk based supplier management Our partnerships with our suppliers are based on the code of conduct that is agreed to in writing and must be complied with by our suppliers and if relevant by their subcontractors This code of conduct draws on the same international norms and standards that underpin these Standards for social and ethi cal responsibility see point 6 We conduct risk assessments of our suppliers collecting the data that are necessary for this purpose and requiring sup porting documentation In the case of suppliers from countries that are classified as having higher risk potential for non compliance with ethical and social responsibility standards we require additional ver ification of adherence to our standards or commission a so cial and environmental audit to be carried out there at regu lar intervals 21 Socially responsible organic farming For our products we only use high quality strictly monitored organic raw materials that are grown for us using socially re sponsible ecological cultivation methods We both require and support the protection of soil water biodiversity air and the climate because these resources are essential to our lives and to the production of healthy food 22 Direct sourcing We purchase our raw materials directly at the source if at all possible Where we collaborate with processors or partners in the sourcing of our raw materials we only work with those who share our principles who are also committed to a close and direct partnership with their suppliers and who require that their suppliers comply with our code of conduct 23 Violations remedial measures sanctions If our suppliers do not comply with our standards we require remedial measures and document them In the event of se rious or repeated violations we impose appropriate conse quences up to and including the termination of the business relationship

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