215 Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex German Sustainability Code enables com panies to portray their sustainability efforts in a transparent manner This makes it possible to compare and rate companies according to their sustainability performance Deutscher Teeverband e V German Tea Association trade association representing the German tea industry from importers to retailers based in Hamburg Germany Food law and quality assurance are two main areas of focus Tea is understood as that derived from Camellia sinensis the shrub from which black green and white teas are produced Deutsches Bio Siegel German Organic Seal established by the German Federal Government to display on organic products Requires inspection by governmentally accred ited inspection bodies www oekolandbau de en bio siegel Diepholz Main town in a district of the same name in Lower Saxony Germany popul ation approximately 16 700 Where Lebens baum s head office is located DIN EN ISO 9001 International standard for quality management DIN EN ISO 14001 Establishes globally recognised requirements for environmental management systems Assists companies in identifying problematic areas to swiftly improve their environmental performance EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme an instrument that helps companies continually improve their environmental performance Environmental statement Part of the EU eco audit and a mandatory EMAS requirement Describes a company s environ mental management system including key indi cators and objectives for improving environ mental performance Published annually by the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ethical Tea Partnership NGO that has been working with tea producers and tea companies since 1997 to substantially improve the sustainability of the tea industry Based in London with offices in tea growing regions around the world including India and China Ethical Trading Initiative Coalition of NGOs companies and unions seeking to improve working conditions on a voluntary basis does not issue certification EU eco audit EMAS Voluntary eco management and audit scheme established in 1993 and recognised across the EU Designed to help companies and organisations assess their environmental impacts and environmen tal management system and improve their environmental performance Involves publishing an Environmental statement Audited com panies and organisations are issued an EMAS certificate EU organic logo Introduced in 2010 com pulsory logo displayed on all pre packaged EU food products produced and sold as organic within the EU requires inspection by a govern mentally accredited inspection body EU organic regulation Formally Council Regulation EC No 834 2007 of 28 June 2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products and repealing Regulation EEC No 2092 91 Regulates requirements for use of the EU organic logo Facebook Social network for creating personal profiles and connecting with friends founded in 2004 Fachbeirat Ökolandbau Organic agricul ture advisory board for the promotion of organic agriculture in the German state of Lower Saxony initiated by the state as part of an action plan for organic agriculture there Its aim is to double the number of organic operations in Lower Saxony by 2025 Fachverband der Gewürzindustrie e V Association of the German Spice Industry issues guidelines on spices and other seasonings including information such as composition and designation Fair for Life seal Issued by the Bio Stiftung Schweiz Bio Foundation Switzerland to certify products that are produced in a fair socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner along the entire Value chain Fairtrade seal Issued by the umbrella organi sation Fairtrade Labelling Organizations Inter national e V FLO see also FLOCERT to certify goods that are produced in a socially responsible and sometimes also ecological manner Fair Wear seal Issued by the Fair Wear Foun dation FWF which is based in Amsterdam The foundation aims to improve working conditions in the garment and textile industry The seal certifies goods that are fairly produced along the entire value chain FairWild Foundation International organi sation based in the United Kingdom and Switzer land which aims to establish a sustainable and fair system of trade in wild collected products Flavourings or flavouring agents food additives designed to give food a certain aroma or taste A distinction is made between Natural and synthetic artificial flavouring agents Extracts and essential oils also count as flavour ings The Lebensbaum purity principle prohibits the use of flavourings The only exception is pure essential oils such as bergamot oil an ingredient of our Earl Grey tea FLOCERT Inspects and certifies producers and traders according to standards developed by the umbrella organisation FLO Fairtrade Label ling Organizations International e V Forschungspreis Bio Lebensmittelwirtschaft FoBiLe Organic food industry research prize annually awarded to Bachelor s and Master s theses which offer the best ideas and solutions on ecological and sustainability topics related to organic food www forschungspreis bio lebensmittel de FQH Food Quality and Health Association International research network focusing on food quality and health issues initiated by the IAP www fqhresearch org FSC Forest Stewardship Council NGO working to promote sustainable forestry Full time equivalent Also known as a full employment equivalent unit used to measure and compare workloads All of the working hours at a company or region etc are counted and divided by the number of hours per week commonly worked at that location in our case 40 Gold Standard Standard of quality for projects that offset CO 2 emissions The projects simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development in the countries where they are located

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