220 11 Epilogue It is not enough to know We must apply what we know It is not enough to will We must also act After writing more than 200 pages for this sustainability re port we had to pause for a moment to ask ourselves What have we got ourselves into Wouldn t our lives be a lot easier if we didn t have to think so hard Couldn t we just treat sus tainability as a marketing scheme like some other places do And come up with something big and green and impressive to show off Maybe we could have but that would have been pretty boring and it definitely wouldn t have been like us Sustainability A word that Lebensbaum s founder Ulrich Wal ter first encountered in the early 1990s on a trip to the United States of all places Sustainability A word that was unfamiliar yet somehow self explanatory Back home again he started to look around Did we have an ything like that here in Germany Here people talked more about environmental systems and the like But then he discov ered an association that had the words environmentally con scious in their name but whose members were already think ing along the lines of sustainability Like minded allies And Naturally there was introspection What are we already doing right How much do we consume What are the impacts of our activities large and small Which of our systems can we use to measure sustainability and spread the idea Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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