221 Because sustainability isn t just a concept it has to be applied and lived And what makes a company live and thrive are the people who work in it every day It followed that our company despite its hum ble size needed a sustainability manager First sustainability was added to the responsibilities of Quality Assurance and Environmental Man agement later it became its own corporate department Until this day that department is where every sustainability issue that arises must converge And these days there are many loads of laws and regulations plus a constant stream of new findings and technological developments Would it make sense to replace part A with part B Would that really be more sustainable Every day there are new questions to answer cases to assess and data to collect We have reached the point where we can t possi bly cover everything related to sustainability de spite writing more than 200 pages Which raises yet another question What is material Would it interest our stakeholders more to know that the compressed air system that drives our machines and cleans the compressed air guns is now water powered and doesn t require any lubricating oil Or would our new coffee roast er which saves 28 percent more energy and 16 percent more CO 2 than its predecessor be more relevant This was something we needed to find out and then apply And while we worked to compile and assess masses of information to determine what was most material to this report we got to see and appreciate whole new sides of each other In truth we liked each other right from the start The Editorial Team

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