224 Attestation of an independent sustainability assessment To the Pure Taste Group Diepholz In accordance with our mandate we performed a sustainability assessment to obtain limited assurance regarding the information contained in the Sustainability Report 2019 by the Pure Taste Group for the fiscal years from 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2018 Responsibility of the legal representatives The top management of the Pure Taste Group consisting of Managing Partner Ulrich Walter and Managing Directors Dr Achim Mayr and Hans Ulrich Schatz is responsible for the compilation of the sustainability report in conformance with the standards for sustainability reporting of the Global Report ing Initiative GRI SRS inclusion of stakeholders sustainability context materiality completeness balance comparability accuracy up to dateness clarity reliability This responsibility includes selecting and applying appropri ate methods for preparing the above mentioned report and making assumptions and estimates of individual disclosures that are plausible under the circumstances In addition they are responsible for the conception implementation and main tenance of systems and processes insofar as they are relevant to the compilation of this report Responsibility of the auditors Based on the activities performed by us it is our task to sub mit an assessment as to whether matters have become known to us which lead us to conclude that the sustainability infor mation presented in the sustainability report for fiscal years 2016 2018 has not been prepared in all material respects in accordance with the guidelines and criteria for sustainability reporting of the GRI SRS Core Option In addition we were commissioned to make recommendations regarding the fur ther development of sustainability management and sustain ability reporting based on the audit results The focus of the audit was on interaction with stakeholders This includes the choice of stakeholders and communication with them the assessment of their requirements and the iden tification of key aspects of sustainable development The val idation of the sustainability related information presented in the report was planned and carried out in such a way that we can issue our assessment with limited assurance This limited assurance pertains exclusively to evidence from internal sources and groups the obtaining of audit evidence is limited to the business or management level of the Pure Taste Group Systems and processes that determine the content of the report have been examined applying the principle of ma teriality and the process for the inclusion of stakeholders Spe cific sustainability performance aspects beyond the scope of the EMAS environmental statement were randomly checked 11 Epilogue

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