225 The planning of the audit procedures was at the discretion of the auditors and the implementation in cluded the following activities Inspecting documents pertaining to the organisation of the company corporate policy management principles social accountability policy and specific company agreements Gaining an understanding of views on materiality based on various stakeholder surveys prioritisation and evaluation of the results and internal determination Inspecting the documentation of systems and processes used to collect analyse and aggregate data on sustainability performance including a precise process for approving individual sections of the report Conducting a personal interview with the Managing Partner On site inspections of production sites in Diepholz and Gronau Conducting personal interviews with officers from the Sustainability and Environmental Management department and from the departments of Human Resources Quality Management and Corporate Communications Analytically evaluating key indicators Obtaining evidence for random individual data e g by inspecting internal management documentation and accounting and by analysing data sets generated as reports by the internal data system Conclusion Based on our sustainability assessment to obtain limited assurance no matters have become known to us which would lead us to conclude that the sustainability information presented in the Sustainabil ity Report 2019 by the Pure Taste Group was not prepared in all material respects in accordance with the guidelines and criteria for sustainability reporting of the GRI SRS Core Option Additional notes Recommendations Without qualifying our conclusion above we would like to make the following recommendations for the further development of sustainability management and sustainability reporting The integration of existing management systems should continue to be pursued The true cost assessment is an innovative instrument for internal risk management and it should continue to be developed and applied Berlin 15 July 2019 GUT Certifizierungsgesellschaft für Managementsysteme mbH Environmental auditors Yulia Felker Elisabeth Gebhard

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