227U5U3 Certificate Validation Sustainability Report according to GRI SRS After on site assessment inspection of documents and interviews with responsible employees we confirm the credibility transparency and plausibility of the information in the Sustainability Report 2016 2018 published by the Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG at the locations Dr Jürgen Ulderup Straße 12 49356 Diepholz Sunderhooker Weg 6 48599 Gronau The Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG has written its Sustainability Report 2016 2018 according to GRI SRS with the option core The focus of the examination of the sustainability report is the stakeholder management This includes selection of stakeholders and communication with them assessing their needs and identifying key aspects of sustainable development The validation of the sustainability relevant information presented in the report has been planned and performed in such a way that we can express our conclusion with a limited assurance Berlin July 15 2019 Prof Dr Ing Jan Uwe Lieback Director

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