21 Since it was founded in 1979 the culture of the company has been shaped by sustainable business principles In the early pi oneering years this was largely influenced by company found er Ulrich Walter Ever since then sustainability has been a key management issue across the corporate group The company s current managing directors are managing partner Ulrich Walter Dr Achim Mayr and since October 2018 Hans Ulrich Schatz Over the past 20 years the managing directors have ensured that sustainability has become an integral part of the organi sation independent of any one individual Since 2012 there has been a department in Diepholz dedicated exclusively to envi ronmental and sustainability management The head of this department reports directly to the corporate management Furthermore in 2017 our Office for Compliance Management was created in order to firmly embed this important issue with in the organisation The Head of Sustainability is responsible for the development of sustainability and environmental management across the entire corporate group In Diepholz he is also charged with its Well managed sustainability operational implementation Sustainability and environmen tal management are integrated into strategic and operation al processes with relevance to these areas In Gronau there is a department for Integrated Management that includes not only quality management but also sustainability and environ mental management It has been placed directly under Thom as Busjan the managing director of the site The employees of these departments at both business locations hold regular joint meetings to work together in advancing issues relevant to sustainability and the environment All department heads bear a fundamental responsibility for sustainable business prac tices not only for ensuring that the company s sustainabil ity approach is applied in every department but for depart ment specific sustainability issues as well For example the Head of Production is responsible for the correct disposal of waste generated during the production processes At the end of the day we expect all our employees to advocate for sustainability and environmental protection and to report any needed improvements to their supervisors It all boils down to Corporate citizenship Companies have long been involved in social welfare initiatives whether through programmes in the local community disaster relief efforts or education projects This form of engagement is often called corporate citizenship And since every citizen bears responsibility for their community it s nice when com panies get involved in this sort of philanthropy It s even more important however for companies to take re sponsibility for all aspects of their corporate activities They cannot simply dodge this responsibility with the argument that they are subject to the laws of supply and demand price pres sure or competition Companies that simply aim to undercut their competitors play a role in establishing a game of cheap prices that shapes the expectations of customers and consum ers They are willing to accept low wages and environmental pollution calling them practical constraints But these constraints are simply excuses for failing to live up to their responsibilities There is a different way to make your mark on the market by offering the most user friendly sus tainable high quality or aesthetically appealing product Which is of course true corporate citizenship Companies who deal with their suppliers fairly treat their employees with respect and manufacture eco friendly products help to shape the mar ket set new standards and establish new best practices for others to emulate This applies to Lebensbaum as well As an organic pioneer and medium sized company we aim to leave our mark on the busi ness Through the organic products we offer our customers Through the way we source and produce them which lets us shape the value chain Through the organisation of our company and the values of sustainability to which we remain committed

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