25 2012 Moorland patronage 170 employees 2007 Establishment of the Lebensbaum Stiftung foundation construc tion of the new BioLogX logistics centre 90 employees 2004 IMS certified B A U M environ mental award 25 years of Lebensbaum 2005 IFS certified 73 employees 2006 First sustainability report Bremen environmental award Northwest partnership award 2010 Carbon neutral production 2015 New raw materials hall Diepholz German Sustainability Award 216 employees 2013 New roaster in operation see page 50f Demeter product of the year Kaapi Kerala 80 years of Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei 182 employees 2008 B A U M award for office environment carbon neutral shipping 2009 Construction of second production hall geothermal energy system 100 employees 30th anniversary celebrations with an open house day 2011 Acquisition of Niehoffs Kaffee rösterei 161 employees 2003 Innovation award from the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection for the Lebensbaum Partner System 2014 New finished goods warehouse Gronau 35 years of Lebensbaum CSR Award carbon neutral coffee roasting

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 29
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