27 First rate d It s always great to receive praise for something that you would have done anyway Like when you get a compliment for being well dressed on a day you just pulled on your favourite pair of comfortable jeans We especially enjoy receiving praise from our customers But if someone also wants to give us an award you won t see us turning it down Like a few years ago when the German government presented us with its CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award That was closely followed by the German Sustainability Award And when the Institute for Ecological Econ omy Research IÖW issued its ranking of 2016 sustainability reports we took first place In 2018 we had several occasions to celebrate our or ganic bistro was named the best company cafeteria in Lower Saxony for instance see p 161 And we were also pleased to receive two renowned awards in the field of product design see p 29 These awards celebrated our daily activities as something special and provided a festive break in our routine Congratulations poured in from our cultivation partners and customers who were not just genuine ly pleased for us but also pleased to know that their collaboration with and loyalty to us had paid off Don t worry we won t let all this praise go to our heads But the awards do show that sustainability and other values are not simply imposed from the top down at Lebensbaum but are lived by all of our employees in everything we do And that s really something to be proud of

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2019 Seite 29
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