1Scope of report The focus of this report is on the above named operational companies It does not cover AUWA Holding GmbH the hold ing company of our family business in which the Walter fam ily holds its shares Other shareholders and BL Verwaltungs und Beteiligungs GmbH are also not covered by this report see p 20 Sustainability issues of relevance beyond our corporate group were identified by our materiality analysis see insert p U2 These include aspects of our supply chain which are described in detail and documented with a wealth of data in the report We entrust selected partner companies with carrying out some specialised production steps such as drying and mincing fruits and herbs or filling certain products There are both econom ic and technical reasons for this For some products such as cinnamon sticks the required volume is too low to justify pur chasing special filling equipment Similarly it would make lit tle sense for us to have our own drying equipment since many of our raw materials must be dried immediately upon har vest before being transported to us External partner compa nies form a vital part of our supply chain and we include them in this report as far as feasible and appropriate There are no other constraints regarding the length or scope of this report Die Inhalte und Daten dieses Berichts haben die jeweils ver antwortlichen Fachabteilungen in Übereinstimmung mit den Vorgaben gemäß EMAS und GRI ermittelt Wenn wir in be gründeten Fällen von diesen Vorgaben abweichen müssen oder ergänzend andere Standards wie das Greenhouse Gas Protocol berücksichtigen geben wir dies an entsprech ender Stelle an This is our fifth sustainability report following previous edi tions in 2006 2009 2013 and 2016 Each report brings new topics and information that we wish to communicate and the reporting parameters continuously change and evolve as well As before our reporting conforms to the stringent standards of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI However we have switched from the GRI G4 Guidelines to the new Sustainabili ty Reporting Standards SRS This report was prepared in ac cordance with the GRI Standards Core option The reporting period covers the years 2016 2018 whereby more emphasis is placed on 2018 as the most recent report ing year We shall continue to issue a sustainability report every three years During intervening years we publish updated en vironmental statements in accordance with the Eco Manage ment and Audit Scheme EMAS and declarations of conform ity as per the German Sustainability Code GSC The content of this report that is relevant to EMAS was verified by an ac credited auditor from GUTcert an independent certification body as part of a revalidation audit based on the EMAS Reg ulation in the revised version of 19 December 2018 Conform ity with the revised ISO 14001 2015 standard was also verified The EMAS validation declaration see p 226 only pertains to those sections of the report that are indicated accordingly in the contents Sections of relevance to EMAS are also indicat ed in the chapter on Objectives see p 186 ff and in the GRI content index see p 198 ff This report was also verified in accordance with the GRI SRS requirements during an on site audit by GUTcert The related attestation is on page 224 ff The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs came into effect on 1 January 2016 On page U3 f you will find an overview of sections describing our work in relation to these goals This report covers the entire Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG the parent company of Ulrich Walter GmbH BioLogX GmbH and Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei GmbH

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