3Kapitel For our fourth Sustainability Report follow ing 2006 2009 and 2013 we have amended our reporting to bring it in line with the new G4 Standard of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI see page 10 We have also integrated GRI compliant report ing with our EMAS Environmental Statement into this report for the first time The reporting period covers the years 2013 2015 With regard to the quantitative data the main focus is on 2015 given the fact that it is the most recently reported year True to our aim we are continuing to issue the report every three years We publish updated versions of the environmental statement in the interim years The report content relevant to EMAS has been verified by an approved expert from GUTcert an independent certifica tion body as part of a revalidation audit The EMAS Validation Declaration see page 208 only relates to the report content referred to in the EMAS index on pages U5 U6 Text of rel evance for EMAS is indicated in the Contents and the Objectives chapter see page 168ff as well The report was also verified by GUTcert in accordance with GRI principles during an on site audit You will find the related com ments on page 206f For the first time our report includes Pure Taste Group GmbH Co KG the umbrella company of the pre existing companies Ulrich Walter GmbH BioLogX GmbH and Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei GmbH in its entirety Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei became part of the corporate group in 2011 Having introduced an environ mental and sustainability management sys tem across the group in 2015 it makes sense to cover all of these companies in one report Consequently the report now includes Gronau our coffee site in addition to Diepholz the main location With this new integrated form of reporting only limited comparisons can be made with our previous reports Reporting boundaries The report focuses on the aforementioned oper ating companies It does not include AUWA Holding GmbH our family company s holding company via which the Walter family holds its shares in the company nor the BL Verwaltungs u Beteiligungs GmbH management company see page 20 Content of relevance beyond our company boundaries can be found in the materiality assessment see page U3f Take supply chain aspects for example These are covered exten sively in the report and documented with a wealth of data We have chosen selected partner firms for some specialised production steps such as drying and chopping up fruit and herbs or fill ing particular goods There are both economic and technical reasons for this In the case of some products such as cinnamon sticks the volume required is below a level that would make acquiring special filling machines eco nomically justifiable Similarly it would be just as pointless for us to operate our own drying facility as many of our raw materials have to be dried immediately after harvesting before ever being transported to us Where possible and useful we have included these external partner companies in the report where they play a crucial role in our value chain There are no other restrictions with regard to the scope or boundaries of the report The relevant departments have established the facts and figures in this report in accordance with EMAS and GRI requirements Where we have had to deviate from these requirements for a valid reason or have also taken other stand ards such as the GHG Protocol into account we note this in the relevant section

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