26 2 Our company Award winning It is always nice to be praised for things you do as a matter of course It is like being complimented for looking good when you have simply pulled on your favourite comfy jeans We particularly appreciate praise from our customers But we don t say no to approval in the form of awards either Such as that time when we were awarded the OSKAR für den Mittelstand OSKAR for SMEs Or in 2013 when we became Biomarke des Jahres Organic Brand of the Year and won the iF Design Award for our Tee Meisterwerke Tea Masterpieces see page 62 We have also been honoured with other major awards during the reporting period including Germany s most prestigious sustainability awards The awards have heralded our daily activities as something special giving us a good excuse to celebrate We received a lot of positive response from farming partners and customers who have been truly delighted and feel vindicated in their cooperation with us and loyalty to us We are still keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground in spite of the awards However one of the things these prizes demonstrate is that at Leb ensbaum sustainability is not merely decreed from above Sustainability is in fact put into practice by all employees in their everyday working life and that is indeed something we re quite proud of

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 30
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