32 2 Our company Culture and the arts A source of reflection not an empty show Cultivating a culture that encourages and empowers our employees to act sustainably is very important to us And this will only succeed if they internalise the greater meaning of sustain able decisions We aim to foster such a learning process which is of necessity an individual one In the reporting period Lebensbaum apprentices went to an exhibition at the museum Marta Herford called Creatures Made to Measure Animals and Contemporary Design It focused on the relationship between humans and animals which from our Sunday roast to our house pets has many inherent contradictions In our offices and hallways art is not about showing off money and good taste but rather about inspiration And let s not forget to mention our legendary Christmas performances On these occasions scenes from everyday office life are presented in a mostly humorous form and new employees are introduced to their delighted colleagues See previous page All photographs on this page were taken on the apprentices excursion to the museum Marta Herford see p 158

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