33 From day one Ulrich Walter knew that the organic adventure was not something to be embarked on alone Through his vol untary work in local politics and involvement in social work he had already learned that we are stronger together via net working working as a group to achieve results and holding frank discussions So it goes without saying that he took this approach to the organic world as well In 1983 he became one of the found ing members of the first industry association Naturkost e V which pooled strengths to address issues of quality and stand ards and to organise Germany s first major organic trade fair the Müslimesse This event went on to become the Bi oFach trade fair and many years ago Naturkost e V was re named the Association of Organic Processors Wholesalers and Retailers BNN Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren In other words working and campaigning to help shape the organic sector in a wide range of associations and networks is part of Lebensbaum s DNA Today we are members of more than 20 such organisations Farming associations industry federations and business net works there is good reason for every membership Because despite our passion for shared action we think it only makes sense to join an organisation if we can also bring something to the table Being part of the silent majority has never sat well with us We join the conversation we listen we contribute we learn Which is why Ulrich Walter has served on the boards of BNN Demeter and BÖLW And Lebensbaum s departments are involved in a wide range of associations and committees see p 47 The main goals that most of these groups share are organics quality and sustainability You could say that we are united in diversity Associated with associations IFOAM BÖLW Naturland Naturkost Süd e V AöL German Coffee Association BNN IAP B A U M WKF OPTA German Tea Association now Food Federation Germany BLL German Spice Association Demeter FQH UnternehmensGrün

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