33 Ulrich Walter was clear about one thing from the very begin ning the organic produce adventure is not for lone warri ors We are stronger when we pull together He had already learned this from his voluntary engagement in local poli tics and social work activities Networking getting results together as a group having open discussions So it was perfectly obvious to him to take the same approach in the world of organic produce as well In 1983 he was one of the founding members of the first industry associ ation Naturkost e V These members worked together on quality and standards as well as the first major trade fair for organic produce the Müslimesse muesli trade fair The Müslimesse became the BioFach and Naturkost e V has now been known for many years as the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren BNN Association of Organic Pro cessors Wholesalers and Retailers Working designing and campaigning with others in all kinds of associations and networks is thus part of Leb ensbaum s DNA We are now a member of 19 such organ isations Whether these are farming associations industry organisations or business networks there is a good reason for every single membership While we are passionate about people coming together we believe that a membership only makes sense if we can bring something to the table Being part of the silent majority has never sat well with us We speak up listen pass on and take away For example Ulrich Walter has already served on the boards of BNN Demeter and BÖLW Our respective in house departments also get involved in a wide range of associations and committees The major goals shared by all groups are organic products quality and sustainability And so a certain unity in diver sity can be found Associated with associations IFOAM BÖLW Naturland Naturkost Südbayern AöL Deutscher Kaffeeverband BNN IAP B A U M WKF BLL Fachverband der Gewürzindustrie Demeter FQH UnternehmensGrün

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