34 2 Our company Lebensbaum stakeholders an overview Our stakeholders are diverse in nature and come from a wide variety of areas But they all have one thing in common whether individuals or entire groups they are people of flesh and blood They have homes and offices names and addresses And they engage with us to a greater or lesser degree The illustration provides an overview of the differ ent sectors from where they come Sales market Consumers retailers wholesalers private label partners processors food service industry Procurement market Suppliers service providers Competitive environment Industries associations professional bodies business networks Employment market Employees works council potential employees trade unions schools and universities Politics Authorities governments politicians standardisation organisations Society and the environment Neighbours clubs NGOs opinion leaders Education and research Schools universities research institutes education initiatives and associations Media Print media radio TV and film social media online media Capital market Banks auditors analysts insurance companies Diagram loosely based on Horst Avenarius Stakeholders who are they Stakeholder an unwieldly word which is not self explanatory in its nature It literally describes some body with a stake That doesn t nec essarily help much But it is actually very simple The term covers indi viduals and also whole groups of people who have an interest in the company for whatever reason and in whatever position In short all of those who are in contact with us who are affected by our activities or whom we want to make aware of our activities

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