Sustainability is a broad field That is why we have given a great deal of thought to which aspects of sustainability at Lebensbaum really matter Our aim with this is to keep our sus tainability management practicable and avoid having a sustainability report that could rival the Encyclopaedia Britannica in terms of size while ensuring we don t forget anything important in this broad field In order to tailor the materiality assessment to our company we first gathered all topics of possible rele vance based on our own processes comments from our stakeholders see page 34f and the GRI sustainability aspects We eliminated any aspects irrelevant to us We assigned appro priate terms from the Lebensbaum cosmos such as product transparency organic farming and economic sustainability to the aspects of relevance to us making them easier to deal with To further narrow the report s focus we then sought to find out which of these aspects were particularly important So for our materiality assessment we set up nine specific criteria reflecting our company per spective to evaluate the strategic operational and stakeholder related importance of the individual aspects But what matters to us may not necessarily matter to our stakeholders To examine mate riality from their perspective we first deter mined which stakeholder groups are affected by the identified aspects in the first place and to what degree To gain a general impression we had students of different sustainability courses prioritise the aspects We also used a representative survey of 1 000 consumers of organic products to identify which aspects mattered to them Our employees are another stakeholder group so we surveyed more than 100 of those Our experiences from discus sions with retail partners suppliers and other stakeholders were also reflected in the assess Sustainability at Lebensbaum defining the material issues ment On top of this we evaluated a GRI study and materiality assessments from other com panies We took a scientific approach to analyse which aspects along the value chain might be of par ticular importance and at which specific links in the chain We have grouped the key sustainability aspects into five areas of activity within our material ity matrix These are covered in depth in the report We have assigned the areas of activity to our chapters to make the relevant text easier to find The relative importance of each aspect can be discerned from how far out it extends The most important aspects from the perspec tive of Lebensbaum and its stakeholders are indicated with appropriate symbols This is our first time conducting such a com plex materiality assessment and we have taken a very careful and systematic approach How ever we do not loftily claim to have found the perfect solution straight off That is why we are having a student of Environmental Science at the University of Lüneburg check our assess ment as part of his bachelor thesis to identify possible improvements for the next time 1 Prologue

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