From hand axe to management system Mankind s first brainchild and of this archaeologists today are certain was a tool The hand axe which due to the multifaceted ways in which it could be used is fittingly called the Swiss Army Knife of the Stone Age made everyday life much easier This first brainchild we are sure was met with great enthusiasm in the caves of the early humans We can relate to that today as around two million years later our daily working routine is also enormously simplified by clever tools On the following pages you will learn about a selection of tools that have proved to be especially suitable for us We use the term tool in its broadest sense encompassing both coffee roaster and management system We feel that this is necessary as it is after all not just intellectual tools but also physical ones that ensure in the mesh of complex demanding production processes that what ultimately emerges is indeed what it is supposed to be finest organic quality

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 40
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