39 Our integrated management approach applies equally to all major quality and sustainability aspects It s based on the values and principles that inform our corporate policy see p 206 f and that we have committed ourselves to in our newly formulated standards for social and ethical re sponsibility see p 208 ff Other principles that apply to our company have been defined in greater detail in supple mentary guidelines Guidelines are drawn up in coordina tion with the departments employees and external stake holders concerned and undergo revision as needed The guidelines range from compliance and anticorruption pol icies to regulations to prevent discrimination agreements on pension schemes and a company fitness programme They govern many different aspects of our daily business from our management principles down to specific com pany agreements Our way of handling key sustainability issues see insert p U2 follows from the principles and management approach described in this chapter In addition we see the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights the labour standards defined by the International Labour Organization ILO the policies of the UN Global Compact and the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises set out by the Organisation for Economic Co op eration and Development OECD as the non negotiable ba sis for all business activities and relationships An essential aspect of our management approach is that we continually develop our integrated management system in line with internationally recognised norms and standards and keep it certified see p 38 This also applies to our supply chain management and to the code of conduct that we have defined for our suppliers see p 44 f The benefits of being organised Our management approach and management system As a company we are committed to being a positive force for sustainable environ mental social and economic development Merely avoiding or minimising negative ecological and social impacts would fall far short of the mark we have set for oursel ves And the same goes for mere compliance with standards and legal requirements Our economic approach is based on distinguishing ourselves in the market through outstanding quality and sustainability with a particular focus on building long term partnerships with our suppliers and customers Corporate principles Systematically imbue the fundamentals

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