40 3 Our tools Our integrated management system didn t spring up over night Rather it is a system that we continually develop im prove on and further refine This keeps our processes and structures transparent demonstrable and not least suita ble for daily use Back in 1997 we introduced a certified environmental man agement system in accordance with the European Union s Eco Management and Audit Scheme EMAS At the same time we established a quality management system Seven years later the two systems were merged into an integrat ed management system This simply made sense for our dai ly work In 2015 we introduced a new management system software tool at our Diepholz location in order to improve the manage ment monitoring and documentation of our processes This From our management approach to our daily business Building systems Examine evaluate improve way processes and documents are available to all through a single tool Any changes are transparent and can always be tracked It also coordinates the implementation of measures and clearly assigns responsibilities The software tool was also installed in Gronau in 2018 Since then a company wide task force has worked on integrating the processes and require ments for both locations into the software tool New processes documents and revisions must meet legal re quirements and conform to the norms standards and guide lines that are relevant to our business Our technicians have the management system software tool run a conformity check prior to approval by the managing directors New employees are instructed about our guidelines and current staff mem bers must explicitly confirm changes that relate to their work Training sessions are held on particularly important aspects Every year we check our conformance to standards like IFS EMAS and ISO 14001 through an internal auditing programme that comprises regular performance and compliance tests It helps us identify potential areas of improvement ensures that requirements are met and if necessary leads to corrective measures Additionally several external audits which take place in conjunction with various certifications and standards see p 38 also evaluate the functional capacity of our systems Annual performance reports by our Quality Assurance and Sustainability and Environmental Management departments and our Office for Compliance Management enable the manag ing directors to assess the development of our systems during the annual management review The performance reports are based in part on the indicators described in this sustainability report see p 196 ff They also reflect the results of internal and external audits stakeholder feedback and other sources of information Lots of extremely important development data are generated by automated reports that can be reviewed at any time which makes it possible to check on our business de velopment throughout the year We continually develop the management system by intro ducing changes formulating new objectives or starting new projects whenever they are deemed necessary or reasonable Every three years we publish a new sustainability programme in the form of objectives see p 186 ff in order to improve our performance and our impacts with respect to key issues The programme and its implementation are reviewed every year

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